Integrated content from at least two of the hip hop/violent media articles we discussed in class

Causal Argument Essay (900-1000 words)

FORMAT: Neatly Written, MLA Format.

OBJECTIVE: Causal arguments attempt to find causes (X causes/does not cause Y) or identify possible effects. A causal argument identifies the causes of an event or situation and takes a stand on what actually caused it. In the process, the writer must consider a number of possible, adequate causes. To prepare for this argument, you will utilize the causal question I provide, investigate possible answers, and argue for your answer. Your argument should include the following:

  • Well-developed thesis statement based on the causal question
  • Two body paragraphs with specific evidence to support your thesis
  • A refutation that considers and rejects other possible causes or effects
  • A conclusion that reinforces the main point and includes a strong Springer’s Last Thought
  • Integrated content from at least two of the hip hop/violent media articles we discussed in class

Write at least 900-1000 words (three-four full pages) and at least five paragraphs: introduction, three body paragraphs (including refutation), and a conclusion.

TOPIC: Hip hop music is full of violent and abusive lyrics that touch on topics ranging from gun violence to sexual abuse, yet it has been wholly embraced by large corporations ranging from McDonalds to Sprite. Likewise, much of today’s media, especially video games, is full of violent and often very graphic images. In both cases, these media forms are primarily consumed by teens and young adults.

Choose one topic only (hip hop or media) and answer the following causal question:

Does ______ (hip hop or violent media) cause violence?


WRITING TASKS:  As you outline and draft your essay, keep the following in mind:

  • You can argue either side (for/against) of the topic.
  • In your introduction, establish a context for the argument by explaining the need to examine causes or consider effects. Follow the funnel method we discuss in class.
  • Include specific evidence from the sources provided in each body paragraph to help support your topic, and cite your sources. *Look at “MLA Documentation” on pages 571-599 to ensure your sources are cited correctly.
  • Remember to refute the opposing argument by rejecting other possible causes or effects.
  • Utilize transitions throughout to help your writing flow like water.
  • In your conclusion, do more than simply summarize what you have said; emphasize the causes and leave the reader with a clear last thought about the topic.

ASSESSMENT:  Grades will be based on focus, content, organization, and sentence-level correctness and clarity, style, and mechanics. Additionally, proper quoting technique, in-text citations, and works cited will also be assessed.

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