Integrate quotes, paraphrase, and summarize in APA style.

This week you will be working on the first draft of your final paper. In this paper, you willTo practice this skill, choose one of the two scholarly essays written on The Awakening. Then choose two different paragraphs and copy them into a Word document. After you have chosen the paragraphs, please do the following:

Read one of the essays below. Choose a paragraph that you think needs further clarification. Paraphrase that passage. Remember, to paraphrase means to restate the author’s ideas in your own words, using a signal phrase to show the reader that although you are not quoting, you are paraphrasing. Remember to use APA citation.
Use the same approach with another paragraph in your chosen article. This time, include a direct quotation from that passage. Cite the passage using APA style.
Next, write a brief summary of both paragraphs. Remember—this is only a summary. Review this week’s lecture on how to cite a summary in APA style.
Click here to review a sample that will illustrate how your assignment should look using either the Church and Havener (2008) or the Powell (2009) article

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