Individual Policy Manual/Research Paper

Instead of being a traditional research paper, this two-part project will allow you to sharpen your critical thinking skills as well as focus more on your specific interests. This should prove to be a more efficient use of your time.  Here are the details:

Part 1 – The Policy Manual (4 specific elements of a policy manual):

  1. Assume that you a member of an HR consulting team providing HRM consultation for a new small business that will have 4–10 employees (full-time and part-time).
  1. The business will open soon and you are now developing a policy manual/employee handbook.
  1. Select 4 issues that you will want to include in the policy manual that corresponds with the general topics addressed in the textWrite a relevant policy for each issue that you believe would be needed in your business. Remember, this is a policy not a procedure. This is not to be an all-inclusive policy manual. You are only providing 4 elements of a policy manual for the purpose of this course.

Pick any 4 for the topics/issues

a.   Emerging HR Challenges (a variety of issues)

b.   Work Flow or Job Analysis

  1. Equal Opportunity (or some other legal issue addressed)
  2. Diversity
  3. Recruitment and Selection
  4. Employee Separations, Downsizing and Outplacement
  5. Performance Appraisal
  6. Training
  1. Write your policy for each issue and format it the way you would like to include it in your policy manual.  Write a policy that is truly meaningful and useful to you and that reflects your personal philosophy.  You are a strategic partner to the business owner, and this should be an area that you want to make sure to cover. However, do not write it as a contract between two individuals. A policy manual is provided to employees from the standpoint of the organization.
  1. Your submission for Part 1 needs to be 5–6 pages in length plus the cover sheet.  Do not submit a paper longer than this length – points will be deducted for each page over the 6 page limit.
  2. Manuals are due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 6.  Be aware: late projects will be penalized regardless of reason given.

Part 2 – The Research Paper (researched rationale and support for your policy manual):

  1. The second part of your project is to provide your own philosophy and researched rationale for the nature and substance of your policy written in a research paper (APA format). This paper is to be reflective of an academic research paper. You will not include references to the fictitious company specifically in this paper. Write a research paper (in APA writing style) addressing the reasoning (rationale) for the inclusion of the four policy elements in a policy manual that you chosen. Why should these elements be in a policy manual? What laws or guidelines mandate an organization follow these guidelines? And so forth…
  1. Support your rationale with at least 10 scholarly references, your textbook, and the Bible.  (If you are unsure what constitutes a scholarly resource, please ask your professor.)
  1. This APA formatted paper should be 7–10 pages, plus cover, abstract, and references. Do not submit a paper longer than this length. Points will be deducted for each page over the 10-page limit (for the body of the paper). The point is to provide a concise researched rationale.
  1. Remember to use APA format for citing all of your references. A grade of an ‘A’ will not be given if this format is not followed. You must also write in third person.
  1. The research paper is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 6 and is to be submitted along with the policy manual.  Be aware: late projects will be penalized regardless of reason given.

 Grading Criteria for the Individual Policy Manual


Format/APA/Grammar-Punctuation: (45 points)

  • 12-point, Times-New-Roman font (no bold or underlining)
    • Is the appropriate font utilized consistently?
  • 1-inch margins
    • Are the margins accurate and consistent?
  • Accurately spelled words, appropriate grammar and punctuation
    • Are the punctuation marks correctly utilized?
    • Are the verb tenses accurate?
    • Is the subject-verb agreement accurate?
  • Appropriate indentations
  • Appropriate spacing (double-spaced consistently)
  • Complete sentences
    • Are there fragmented sentences?
    • Are there run-on sentences?
    • Are the sentences/paragraphs logical?
    • Is the answer/response easy to read?
  • Third person format
  • Appropriate elements (APA level headings, cover sheet, abstract, etc.)
  • APA formatted in-text citations and references (for the rationale)
    • Are in-text citations and matching references included for every element utilized from another source?
    • Are the in-text citations and references accurately formatted utilizing the APA writing style?


Grading Criteria for the Individual Research Paper

Content: (105 points)

  • Logical application of the topic chosen
    • Explicit and concise explanation (Do not assume your employees will know what   you are saying – give details!)
      • Is the analysis of the topic relevant?
      • Have the topics been addressed through an analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of applicable elements?
      • Does the project contain each of the required components?
      • Is the project supported by the minimum sources required (the textbook, 10 outside sources, and the Bible)?
      • Does the analysis of the topic include assessment/analysis of your Christian worldview?
      • Have all applicable regulations and laws been considered and discussed?


Remember, your grade depends on MBA level, quality work. Do not expect a passing grade for this project if it is not apparent you have put forth great effort and diligently followed directions!




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