Indicates how representative the sample is of the population c) Measure/materials

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UNIT NAME: Undertake research activity
Research Topic: How Effective Montessori education is for children?

1- Abstract
in a succinct overview including:
• The purpose
• The key issues/questions/hypotheses
• The design
• Method/measures used
• The key findings

2- Introduction
• States the objective or key focus
• Provides background information and reasons why the topic is important
• Describes the theoretical basis of the research with rationale
• Outlines the questions/issues/hypotheses and how they were derived

3- Method
a) Design:
• Describes the research design
• Provides a rationale
b) Sample
• Describes the sample and sampling method
• How the participants were selected and from what population
• Indicates how representative the sample is of the population
c) Measure/materials
• Describes the instrument/materials/apparatus used
• Describes the measures used and the source
d) Procedure
• Describes the data collection process
• Explains and problems and how they were overcome

4- Results
• Data analysis is presented for each research question, hypothesis or issue or a logical and meaningful structure is developed that builds from simple to complex
• The results obtained from the data analysis

5- Discussion
• A description of the results relative to the research questions/ hypotheses
• Discussion of the practical and theoretical significance of the findings
• The relevance of these findings to previous research reviewed in the introduction
• The limitations of the study
• The implications of the findings to the organisation
• Future research

6- Conclusion
• Summary of the key findings or main arguments
• Recommendations

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