In the initial stage of developing an Entity-Relationship the following list of entities were ellicited from stakeholders. Which of those proposed entities is BEST modeled as an attribute? a) Badge

1. In the initial stage of developing an Entity-Relationship the following list of entities were ellicited from stakeholders. Which of those proposed entities is BEST modeled as an attribute?
a) Badge
b) IssueDate
c) Office
d) Employee
2. An existing alumni database for small Midwestern College has a field called “years in school” as a text field. The alumni director has found the field useless. Which of the following is the underlying reason for this?
a) Five percent of the alumni entered answers like “1975-1979”
b) Some alumni left the field blank
c) Three percent of the alumni entered text like “4 years”
d) The field should be numeric
3. A data warehouse collects and reconciles student grades from regional campuses, each semester for 10 years. Grades are reports based on school, department and faculty. The fact that once grades are entered they are not updated is an example of which data warehouse principle?
a) Time variant
b) Subject orientation
c) Integration
d) Non- volatility
4. You have been asked to develop an online travel expense from that requires information about an upcoming business trip, including the employee’s department. Which of the following would be the BEST way to ensure both accuracy and that only once department is entered?
a) Selection list
b) Radio buttons
c) Text box
d) Check boxes
5. When asked to create an application which will handle massive amounts of data and which will require viewing the data in different ways , it would be best to choose___________ software for application creation.
a) Database
b) Presentation slideshow
c) Word processing
d) Spreadsheet
6. In testing a customer relationship management system, Bruce finds where one customer is 29 years old, but has been a customer of the company for 32 years. This would be found in which of the following validation checks?
a) Check-digit check
b) Completeness check
c) Consistency check
d) Range check
7. As a service, Bruce donated his time to a local charity to develop a web site. After the development, he intends to train a person at the charity to maintain the site. Which would be BEST for developing the site?
a) Native HTML coding using a text editor
b) A package that Bruce has available to him through his employer
c) A high end web development package with database connectivity
d) A reasonably priced graphical page editor
8. According to moral maturity models, the more ethical person is most likely to determine what is most ethical by ________________.
a) Determining its legality
b) Asking a supervisor for input
c) Finding out who is responsible
d) Determining its impact on people
9. The IT team is becoming frustrated as they attempt to maintain a particular piece of software that they have developed themselves. Whenever a change is made to one of the modules, another module requires changes. When considering software redesign, the MOST important design goal will be
a) Reduce the degree of coupling
b) Increase the degree of coupling
c) Reduce the degree of cohesion
d) Increase the degree of cohesion
10. In an online real time transaction processing system designed for use in a credit sales environment, you must have the proper controls to insure that a customer ID is accurately related to the person making the purchase. This may include all of the following EXCEPT
a) Creating an inverted hash total and comparing it with a post transaction calculation
b) Comparing the name on a government issued document (e.g driver’s license) with the name retrieved by the system using the customer ID
c) Requesting a unique personal code from the customer to compare with a code stored in the file
d) Storing a biometric characteristic of the user (such as a digital representation of fingerprint)
11. In a formal structured walk through of a proposed database design, all of these tasks would mostly likely be completed as described EXCEPT
a) The database designer would not be the scribe
b) The coordinator of the walk through would be a database designer
c) The walk through ad hoc committee members would be users or other designers
d) The designer is also the walk through facilitator
12. Your company has just posted its first annual profit and now wants to use IT to create a competitive advantage. The system that will MOST likely do this is a
a) Payroll system
b) Interactive inventory management system
c) Human resource benefit information system
d) Supplier/customer ordering system
13. Road Warrior Car Rental rents its cars to customers. A customer can rent many cars, and a car can be rented by many customers. Which of the following correctly models the relationships among the entities customer, rental, and car?
a) Customer (M:1) rental (1:M) car
b) Customer (1:M) rental (1:M) car
c) Customer (1:M) rental (M:1) car
d) Customer (M:1) rental (M:1) car
14. Which ONE of the following devices would be UNIQUE to a graphic designer’s workstation?
a) Digitizing tablet
b) Optical mouse
c) Flatbed scanner
d) Trackball
15. Factors which impact the frequency of performing backup procedures include all of the following except ;
a) The location of your back up medium
b) How frequently you produce important information
c) The cost of backups, including time, effort, and money
d) The cost of losing information
16. Joy, John, Steve, Susan and Carol are on a project team. Joy has proposed using a direct conversion strategy to implement the new system. John suggests using parallel conversion while Steve prefers a phased conversion. As the project leader, what is your BEST strategy for arriving at a decision?
a) Elicit written and oral comments from all team members
b) Choose parallel conversion since it is less risky
c) Choose direct conversation since it is the least expensive
d) Bring in an outside consultant to discuss conversion strategies
17. Temporarily converting from one data type to another is sometimes called____________.
a) Casting
b) Changing
c) Parsing
d) Transposing
18. The community playhouse board of directors has decides to automate its fundraising efforts. Given the nature of non- profit organizations and that the fundraising drive begins in one month, which of the following is the BEST development option?
a) Send the fundraising manager to a programming course
b) Purchase a commercial software package
c) Hire a consulting company to develop the system
d) Hire an IS student intern to build the system
19. Which is NOT a component of the Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology?
a) Iterative feedback from end users
b) Completion of requirement specification before starting other phases
c) Use of Graphical User Interface/ visual programming development systems
d) Use of prototypes
20. When accessing a Web application the user is prompted to enter their name to allow customization of subsequent Web page presentation. Which of the following statements are NOT true about the name information provided to the Web application?
a) The name provided is available for use throughout the life of the web session
b) The name expires after a specified period of inactivity
c) The name provided is stored in a session variable
d) The name remains after the Web application creates a new session
21. With an overworked IS department staff, the CIO has decided to increase the company’s reliance on end-user computing. Which of the following is a benefit of this type of systems development?
a) Makes computer resources more secure
b) Improves systems documentation
c) Reduces the communications gap between users and developers
d) Increases data sharing between individual organizational units
22. In creating a design for a company web page, you want to customize information for the user. Which of the following is the BEST justification for using cookies?
a) Cookies are reasonable methods for storing information on your server
b) Cookies are commonplace for storing preferences on the user’s computer
c) Cookies are an unethical violation of the user’s privacy and should not be used
d) Cookies are used with spyware for tracking Internet sites visited and may be helpful to your project.
23. In reviewing a project proposal, an analyst finds that the ROI on the project will not be positive until the tenth year. This project should be:
a) Investigated farther as ROI is only one of the factors to be considered
b) Accepted- any project with positive returns is viable
c) Scaled down so that it will return positive ROI in five years
d) Rejected – projects should return positive ROI within five years
24. A new invoicing system is being installed at SCR Associates. As the team leader, you are in charge of training but your time is limited and the thirty users have differing levels of computer expertise. Which of the following is the BEST strategy for training the users?
a) Create a computer based training system with a level for each of the differing expertise levels
b) Train users in groups, with separate programs for distinct groups
c) Train all the users at once with the same program and conduct individual follow- up sessions later
d) Train each of the users individually
25. If a transaction is rolled back due to a processing error or violation of an integrity rule, which of the following statements is NOT correct?
a) ROLLBACK TRAN reverses the changes caused by the transaction
b) ROLLBACK TRAN frees resources held by the transaction
c) ROLLBACK TRAN ensures database consistency
d) ROLLBACK TRAN always raises an exception
26. The development team for the new Customer Support Call Center software project has finished the proposed user interface. Which of the following would be the BEST way for the development team to gauge acceptance?
a) Review the design specifications with a representative set of users
b) Review the design specifications with a selected user
c) Review the prototype with a selected user
d) Review the prototype with a representative set of users
27. Outside- In, a naturalist furniture chain, is not willing to take the time in the fast- paced world to articulate a corporate strategy. Since predictions are risky in their business venture, top management would be BEST advised to use which information technology strategy?
a) Alternate reality approach
b) Wait and see approach
c) Sense and respond approach
d) Virtual reality approach
28. After conducting initial interviews to understand the current system and subsequently evaluating those interviews, the systems analyst discovers major factual discrepancies across interviews related to the system processes. Which of the following would be the BEST next step?
a) Observe the current business operation
b) Administer a questionnaire
c) Re-interview the potential system users
d) Determine which conflicting approach is most feasible
29. A development team has created a hierarchy chart of modules for a new application. Algorithms have been created and desk checked for each module. The team is ready to move to implementation. Stubs will be used for some of the modules. The FIRST candidates to start as stubs are modules
a) That are easy to understand
b) At the top of the hierarchy
c) At the bottom of the hierarchy
d) In the middle of the hierarchy
30. The relationship cardinality between course and student is many to many in the data model. Implementation of this relationship in a corresponding relational database would require that:
a) A course key be matched with the corresponding student key(s) in a new relationship table
b) The student key must be used as a foreign key in the course table
c) The course and student tables should be merged into one table
d) The course key must be used as a foreign key in the student table
31. A revised data entry screen requires the user to select input values from a pre-defined data set as opposed to typing in the values. The PRIMARY advantage to the IT department of this change is to
a) Increase data access speed
b) Reduce the workload of the data entry
c) Increase data integrity
d) Reduce the amount of input data
32. If a spreadsheet application requires users to repeat a common sequence of tasks,__________ could assist.
a) Macros
b) Scenarios
c) Linear programming models
d) Histograms
33. The director of marketing wants the field sales people to be able to access the company website from any computer to determine their individual sales figures for the current and past periods. The BEST way to accomplish this would be to
a) Implement web services to interact with each sales person to allow them to view only their specific information from the server DBMS
b) Establish a password protected webpage that will allow only sales agents to view all agent’s sales records
c) Use XML to interact with the company database and make individual sales records available to the public
d) Email the report to them as an attached PDF document
34. Project team members want to interactively review a prototype of the user interface design for a value chain information system. The BEST approach for conducting the design review would be a(n)
a) Critical path review
b) E-mail discussion
c) Chat room session
d) Structured walkthrough
35. Michael J. Programmer is designing a user interface that will be used on a daily basis. What might Michael do to assist frequent users in rapidly completing their work?
a) Design shortcuts for frequent tasks
b) Implement a context-sensitive help system
c) Design a menu-driven interface
d) Provide a detailed user manual
36. A company has proposed the development of a new system that will allow customer and suppliers to interact with production scheduling via the Internet. During the analysis phase of this project, how would the identification of subsystems BEST be applied?
a) Define the physical architecture of the system
b) Define client and server systems’ requirements
c) Create the server-based software
d) Define the user interface
37. Which part of the value chain includes firm infrastructure, human resources management, technology development, and procurement?
a) Support value activities
b) Secondary value activities
c) Primary value activities
d) Innovative value activities
38. The information technology director of the city transit agency has been directed to replace obsolete computer hardware on an annual basis. Which of the following is NOT appropriate for the request for proposal?
a) List of desired features
b) Specifying one hardware vendor
c) Detailing the current technology platform
d) Requiring compatibility with existing information systems
39. Assume that Score [i]=64, Score [j]=98, Score[k]=8, and Score[m]=51, If i=2, j=3, k=4, and m=5, then what is the value of Score [i+j]?
a) 162
b) 51
c) 98
d) 87
40. Pierre Analyst is part of a multinational corporation and has just been assigned to an existing international virtual team. Pierre wants to develop a working relationship with the team. Which would be his LEAST desirable initial strategy?
a) Relate his technical skill and accomplishment when asked
b) Organize and schedule the team activities
c) Ask the other team members about themselves
d) Participate in team activities
41. A know service database tracks which customers has which test done on which dates. The current unnormalized table is; SERVICE (Cust_ID,Cust_Name, Cust_Phone, Task_ID, Task_Fee, Date_Provided). Which of the following is ONE of the correct tables that will result from redesign?
a) SERVICE_DATE (Task_ID, Task_Fee, Date_Provided)
b) CUSTOMER (Cust_ID,Cust_Name, Cust_Phone, Date_Provided)
c) SERVICE_DATE (Cust_ID, Task_ID, Date_Provided)
d) SERVICE_DATE (Date_Provided)
42. Your client wants an application that will be highly accessible secure, reliable and provide for optimal throughput for all users. Which of the following would be true of an application delivered over the web?
a) The ubiquitous nature of the Web would make the application highly accessible
b) The open and widely known standards of the Web and its wide-scale interconnection of networks make for an extremely secure application environment
c) Internet protocols guarantee minimum level of throughput thus making the Web a reliable delivery mechanism
d) Data transfer rates for all businesses and users guarantee a high level of throughput
43. Assume a physical file contains a list of customer records for a bookstore. The bookstore would like to be able to send different zip codes. When a new flyers to its customers in different zip codes. When a new customer its added, they should
a) Keep the file in sorted order by zip code and insert the new record in the middle of the file where that zip code occurs.
b) Append the new record at the end and keep and index of records by zip code
c) Append the new record at the end, then sort the file by zip code and rewrite it
d) Keep and index of the records by customer name and insert the new record in the middle of the file according to customer name
44. A systems analyst should use direct observation as a requirements determination approach in order to
a) Determine what steps workers use to do their jobs
b) Examine current organizational rules and policies
c) Ask for complaints about the current system
d) Solicit options about existing work processes
45. You have been asked to develop a service for your Internet users that will allow them to look up a past number or part name and get a price from your online catalog. Which of the following tools would most likely NOT be used in this operation?
b) XML
46. Your team has been given a high impact project to design, develop and implement. The project is for a CRM (customer relationship management) system, which must be complete within the next six months. You will MOST likely use a
a) Joint Parallel Development (JPD) methodology
b) Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology
c) Waterfall methodology
d) Phased methodology
47. World- Wide Insurance Agency is developing a new, web- based reporting application that requires government approval. In order to reach satisfactory agreement with government stakeholders about system requirements within the next two weeks, which of the following approaches is BEST?
a) Holistic empowerment development
b) Object-oriented design
c) Joint application development
d) Structured design
48. Whitehouse Software, with 12 regional support centers, has purchased faster servers to replace older servers at each site. Which would probably be the BEST conversion strategy?
a) Do a phased conversion one site at a time
b) Do a direct conversion of all site on the same weekend
c) Do a modular conversion one module at a time
d) Do a parallel conversion for one month
49. For a local hair/ salon establishment, offering therapeutic massage, manicures, and hair coloring, you are designing an input screen that includes the option to select services for the client visit. Which of the following statements reflects APPROPRIATE use of data types for this screen?
a) A “before” picture of the client should be stored as a memo data type
b) When asked if the client is a new customer, the response should be stored as a Boolean data type
c) The current date should be stored as a string/text/character data type
d) When recording the client’s new phone number, it should be stored as an integer data type
50. You have prepared a project proposal. Following organizational procedures, you submitted it to the committee responsible for project portfolio management, which evaluates project proposals by following a strategic alignment method. Which of the following do you MOST expect the committee to apply?
a) A project that relates to the organizational mission but not to an organizational objective will be more attractive than a project that relates only to an organizational objective
b) A project that relates to one organizational objective will be more attractive to the committee than a project that relates to several objectives
c) A project that relates to a higher-priority objective will be more attractive than a project that relates to a lower-priority objective
d) Equal funding will be allocated to each queue of projects associated with each organizational objective
51. The person most often charged with arbitrating disputes about whether and/or how a database’s structure is changed is the____________.
a) Database administrator
b) Data analyst
c) Data librarian
d) Database programmer
52. Which of the following would the project team at Willow International NOT have included in their execution-based test plan for the new web-based inventory tracking software?
a) List of topics to be covered at code review meetings
b) Validation of stored procedure and trigger output
c) Test cases to cover all inventory tracking tasks
d) External data-sets to ensure traversing all internal paths
53. Effective IS Project Management in the next-generation focuses on four areas of resource optimization, which are?
a) Culture, Commitment, Cooperation, Credibility
b) People, Process, Performance, Project
c) People, Process, Technology, Financials
d) Plan, Product, Technology, Process
54. ABC Used Book Company is a small web-based business that sells used books. ABC would like to add a new search feature to its web site. Since ABC’s customers use a variety of computing platforms, which of the following approaches would be the BEST for the new search feature?
a) Server-side processing
b) HTML programing
c) Client-side processing
d) File server processing
55. Which of the following approaches would NOT be useful for dealing with uncertainty in a large, in –house IS project that deals with changing business requirements and activities that are difficult to estimate?
a) Waterfall model
b) PERT/probabilistic estimation
c) Risk management planning
d) Spiral model
56. Service oriented architecture services enable Data Warehousing in the following scenarios EXCEPT
a) Assisting in data integration
b) Making OLAP and OLTP integration possible
c) Making Data Warehousing bath processing unnecessary
d) Assisting near-real time Data Warehousing
57. A company has added an online catalog to its website. What would be the BEST metric to provide a continuous measure of the impact this change has on the organization?
a) A metric that can be compared to last quarter and last year
b) An aggregate descriptive metric
c) A single period metric that will be included on the website
d) A metric that represents degree of satisfaction of customers
58. When a team leader is concerned that her development team is experiencing groupthink, she should try to
a) Introduce a conflict
b) Withdraw from participating
c) Smooth over any disagreements
d) Agree with all their suggestions
59. Your team is preparing to present a new software application to the Vice-President for Development. To assist her in evaluating the application, the team should focus on
a) Project task and deadlines met
b) Security and authentication features
c) Quality measures and results
d) Targeted budget and actual cost
60. What is a flexible budget?
a) A budget predicated on the variability of costs at different levels of activity
b) A provisional budget by department
c) A cost forecast of direct and indirect costs
d) A preliminary budget done by estimating the cost of performing supporting activities
61. Business process cycle-time management always requires
a) Understanding limitations of the supply chain
b) Postponement strategies in the value chain
c) Removing electronic data interchange (EDI) rigidity from information exchanges
d) Postponement strategies in the supply chain
62. A company has 20 users primarily using office suite applications. They will soon need the capability to use email, access a company database, the Internet, and a color laser printer. Which of the following protocols would MOST CLOSELY match this company’s needs and be the MOST cost effective?
a) 100 Mbps VG-AnyLAM
b) Fiber Channel
c) 100 Mbps CSMA/CD
d) InfiniBand
63. If Company A has fixed costs twice as high as Company B, and both companies have identical variable costs and selling price per unit, then
a) Both companies will have the same breakeven point
b) The breakeven volumes cannot be compared using the information given
c) Company B’s breakeven volume will be higher than A’s
d) Company A’s breakeven volume will be higher than B’s
64. Which one of the following is MOST effective in constructing CAUSE and EFFECT diagrams?
a) Identify actions to correct the problem
b) Analyze the causes
c) Identify the problem
d) Always ask who? What? Where? Why? When? And how?
65. Which one of the following does NOT minimize carbon footprint?
a) Acid-free paper
b) Virtual software
c) Telecommuting
d) Paperless statements
66. You are the manager of the IT department. Due to recent company revenue losses, you learned that upper management will almost certainly cut IT staff in the next two months. One of your staff members mentions that rumor the next day and asks you to comment. What SHOULD you do?
a) Agree you, too, have heard the rumor
b) Change the subject
c) Relate the facts as you know them
d) Deny the rumor
67. The Chief-Information Officer (CIO) experiences regular conflicts between internal staff and an external consultant and wishes to use these conflicts to generate creative ideas for further innovations. Which one of the following practices would be LEAST appropriate?
a) Consensus
b) Command and control
c) Healthy conflicts
d) Collaboration
68. Acne Wholesaling is automating its billing services. The manager of the company is developing a project team. Which of the following personnel should be included?
a) Only the software developers & IT personnel
b) Only the billing department and the software developers
c) Only IT personnel and high level management
d) Personnel from each organizational unit impacted by the current system
69. Your team is behind schedule and over budget. You have been asked to give a project report to upper management. Which is the BEST course of action?
a) Give a positive, optimistic appraisal of the project
b) Be open and accurate about the project’s status
c) Ask to add more resources to the project
d) Present a revised plan with a new project schedule
70. You are working on a very important IS project for your company. Your boss wants you to incorporate ISO 9000 standards. One of the activities you will engage in while incorporating these standards is
a) Auditing to make sure that the cost estimations are correct
b) Modeling to make sure your project shows estimated beginning and ending dates
c) Hiring a consultant that is a certified in project management
d) Planning to make sure the project objectives and goals are met
71. The data encryption standard (DES) algorithm
a) Guarantees data security through the Internet
b) Requires only a private key
c) Slows file transmission
d) Relies on an internal chip
72. A local ISP provides broadband connections to residential customers. Because of limited upload bandwidth, residential customers are NOT supposed to run a personal web server. In order to enforce this policy, the ISP should block which of the following incoming ports?
a) 80
b) 23
c) 25
d) 119
73. It is late Monday and your team has just been assigned to give a presentation to the Board of Directors at 9:00 AM the following Monday. The team wants to meet this Friday at 4:00PM to plan and develop the presentation, but you think this is unwise. As team leader, what is your BEST option?
a) Work with the members of the team to determine an earlier meeting time
b) Tell your team members that you trust their judgment and meet on Friday at 4:00PM
c) Write a draft of the presentation and email it to the team before the Friday meeting
d) Schedule individual meetings with the team members to work on the presentation instead
74. After 15 years, NewCo Electronics is going to completely rewire the LAN in their building because the network has been unusable every time an individual computer’s network connection was broken. Which of the following PHYSICAL topologies would you recommend to remedy this situation?
a) Mixed
b) Bus
c) Star
d) Ring
75. A budget for a project planned by a bank’s IT department should account for all of the following costs EXCEPT
a) The cost of all materials used in the project
b) Labor costs incurred in project work packages
c) A portion of the bank’s utilities expenses
d) All of the bank’s administrative expenses
76. The IT department hired a consultant to measure the quality cost of operation of IT services delivered. The consultant produced a value based resource optimization model (Value- Benefit-Cost). The Business areas were not satisfied with the recommendation. What do you thinks caused the dissatisfaction with the Business areas?
a) Value based analysis was faulty
b) Quality was not adequately considered
c) Performance measurement system was not proposed
d) Quantitative and Qualitative models were not considered
77. Linda, database administrator, is preparing her recommendation to mirror the company database files on separate hard drives. Which of the following will NOT be in her report?
a) The mirrored or shadow disk acts as a backup of database
b) Write operation against the database will take twice as long with disk mirroring
c) I/O performance can be enhanced by balancing read requests between disks
d) Disk I/O contention will be low
78. A disaster recovery/ business resumption plan includes identification of all of the following EXCEPT
a) Data restoration procedures
b) Mission critical systems
c) Probable disasters
d) Recovery teams
79. A centralized account tracking system is being designed for all sales agents who must be able to access this system through the LAN, potentially crossing various WAN links and/ or secure dial-up links between remote locations. Which of the following would necessitate a fat client design?
a) Limited local computing resources
b) Limited bandwidth available
c) Complex calculations required
d) Web browser interface required
80. When task switching occurs,
a) Each transaction is assigned its own task
b) Processing time is gained by running tasks with higher priority
c) A task is suspended and the next waiting task is given control
d) The system removes a completed task from memory
81. A client query requires a small subset of records from a five million row table stored on a remote database server. Obtaining this ad hoc subset requires extensive processing. The BEST solution in terms of speed and performance would be to implement the processing
a) In middleware
b) Using a scrolling facility in the client interface
c) At the client tier
d) At the DBMS tier with a stored procedure
82. A request for proposal for a turnkey small business system must include all of the following EXCEPT
a) Description of mandatory applications
b) Minimum processor speed
c) Expected number of simultaneous users
d) Business volumes
83. As a systems analyst, you have been asked to evaluate the current corporate policy for data security. When it comes to safe storage of data backups, the MOST important characteristic of the storage location is
a) Water resistant
b) Fire resistant
c) Locked
d) Offsite
84. On a critical date, the project manager is assessing task start and finish dates and the percentage of each task that is complete on the project’s Gantt chart. The project manager is determining the
a) Estimated start and finish dates for tasks
b) Major phases of the project
c) Status of the project
d) Critical path
85. Several developers are scheduled to make substantial changes to the source code of a complex, real- time system. Which of the following incurs the lowest risk of a developer losing his or her changes or corrupting the changes of other developers?
a) Require documentation of all changes on the team’s intranet site
b) Use version control software to check out a module from the application’s source code library and return it upon completion of testing
c) Send e-mail to all developers after a code module is altered and successfully tested
d) Seek written approval for all proposed changes from project manager
86. A complex system is being modified. Many of the applications within the system rely on data from other applications within the system. There are several developers involved with the project that will be making changes. Which of the following might be the BEST policy for such development?
a) Module check-out/check-in controls
b) Get written approval for each change from project manager
c) E-mail notification of all developers about your modification
d) Require documentation on team’s intranet site
87. A project team has decides to use a Work Breakdown Structure when planning there is project. The MAJOR reason is
a) It provides a generalized view of the whole project
b) It avoids times and dates of when resources need to be made available
c) It shows interrelationship of tasks within a project
d) It provides a loose estimate on the project due or completion date
88. A team customer-focused mission statement will include all of the following EXCEPT
a) A statement of techniques for achieving the goal
b) A detailed time line incorporating the techniques
c) Customer requirements and expectations
d) Statements enabling a perception of team values
89. For interprocess communication, what is the main purpose of “pipes” or “mailboxes”, as implemented on several operating systems?
a) Improving user interface
b) Reducing virtual memory requirements
c) Increased modularity
d) Speeding up instruction fetching
90. A1 has been asked to do the logical design of his company worldwide WAN using TCP/IP. To be able to effectively communicate with his colleagues in Europe, A1 needs to be able to talk about TCP/IP in terms of the OSI model. Routing protocols, such as IP, correspond to what OSI layer?
a) Data link (Layer 2)
b) Session (Layer 5)
c) Network (Layer 3)
d) Presentation (Layer 4)
91. You have just completed the design of the LAN when senior management requests that they be able to connect to clients and suppliers via the Internet. Which additional piece of hardware will you need to complete this connection?
a) Bridge
b) Switch
c) Router
d) Hub
92. You have been asked to oversee a new project. In which order should you pursue the project?
a) Scope; Design; Analysis; Implementation
b) Timeline; Cost analysis; Design; Implementation
c) Preliminary investigation; Problem analysis; Requirements analysis; Design
d) Preliminary investigation; Establishment of standards; Cost analysis; Documentation
93. Josephine Johnson is a project manager who wants to ensure support of her team’s design of a new advertising system. She must do each of the following EXCEPT
a) Conduct effective meetings to shape a common vision of architecture
b) Conduct make or buy analysis
c) Make sure all stakeholders participate in decision-making
d) Empower all team members
94. Sue is constructing a client-server implementation of a customer system used by a sales representative’s mobile wireless device. Which of the following would NOT be implemented in this system?
a) A client-side database
b) An interactive connection to the server-based company database
c) Server-based database querying
d) Server-based reports
95. A colleague mentions that your new client has trouble staying focused during discussions on project scope. In conducting an interview with this client, which of the following strategies is likely to be the LEAST effective?
a) Writing down what the client says and summarizing frequently
b) Steering the client back on topic if he/ she wanders
c) Setting a clear agenda for the meeting in advance
d) Terminating the meeting if the client can’t stay on topic
96. A bad Key Performance Measure( KPM) target is one that
a) Has a well understood and documented formula for calculation
b) Has some type of reward and penalty tied to its achievement
c) Is only reported on when requested by senior management
d) Has senior management targets that become more challenging over time
97. The type of information report that is considered an action-oriented management report and draws attention to situations that require special handling is
a) A predictive report
b) A detail report
c) An exception report
d) A demand report
98. As the system administrator of a WAN, you control the access to the corporate database. A remote user needs to see the data but you wish to prevent the user from downloading the data. Which of the following architectures would be BEST to accomplish this task?
a) ODBC connectivity
b) Thin client with drive mapping
c) Disallow ODBC connectivity for this user
d) Thin client with not mapping of drives
99. The project teams, in the analysis phase, has determined that the new system cannot be built internally without IS staff retraining. Which of the following criteria would have influenced this decision MOST?
a) Technical feasibility
b) Risk feasibility
c) Economic feasibility
d) Operational feasibility
100. In an attempt to improve customer service, the Noble Partners Insurance Group has decided to make policy information for its insurance available using the Internet. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of a multitiered architecture?
a) Flexibility and scalability of design
b) Compatibility issues are non-existent
c) Independence of the database from other layers
d) Increased system security and data integrity
101. Which of the following conditions makes integrating business system LEAST appropriate?
a) Little common data
b) Low transaction volume
c) Common data sources
d) Large user population
102. The marketing department of a small specialized products company is studying the effectiveness of links on its web site. The BEST analysis would be through
a) Placement , size and fonts on the web page
b) Click through rate
c) Clarity of JPEG or GIF image
d) Time spent on page
103. Even through all your telecommunications providers have upgraded to fiber optic cable, your heavily used company wide network is showing an unusually high rate of data collisions and data resends. Which of the following would be the LAST area of consideration when analyzing this problem?
a) Perform a line check to assure internal line shielding has not degraded
b) Purchase new telecommunications transmission hardware
c) Make sure that current media capacities have not been exceeded
d) Install digital repeaters or analog amplifiers
104. In managing a multi-vendor configuration, which of the following is NOT a major concern?
a) Contract management
b) Interoperability
c) Product availability
d) Support coordination
105. Which of the following pairs of application systems would be LEAST likely to require interfaces between one another?
a) Purchasing – Accounts Payable
b) Order Processing- Inventory Control
c) Shop Floor Control- Capital Projects
d) Accounts Receivable- General Ledger
106. Business Process Management in real- time enterprises provides
a) Information latency
b) Creative disruption
c) Actionable information
d) Punctuated equilibrium
107. All of the following are requirements for Open Source Systems EXCEPT:
a) Consistent user interface across multivendor platforms
b) Nontransparent access to data between multivendor systems
c) Application development capability that is consistent across multivendor platforms
d) Multivendor interoperability

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