In an evaluation essay you are proving that your opinion is valid.

Paper Length: At least 700 words. It should have introduction and conclusion paragraphs, and at least four body paragraphs. You will also need in-text citations for inclusion of reviews and a works cited page showing your three reviews.

  • Because your thesis needs to address the essay’s topic, and because your topic in this case will be a film that you really like, your thesis must mention the film by name. It should also mention what you expected from it and/or how it fulfilled that expectation.
  • You must (properly!) use at least one quote and one paraphrase from each of THREE reviews, two that like the film and one that does not.
  • In an evaluation essay you are proving that your opinion is valid. You cannot prove that you are “right.” To make your case, you’ll use your “army” of movie reviews and solid description (not plot summary) from the film in order to back up your argument.
  • In order to keep your paragraphs on track, put the film title or the phrase “the film” into the topic sentences of your body paragraphs (“Another way the film fell short of my expectations is in the lack of chemistry…”).
  • Begin your conclusion with a restatement of your main idea. It shouldn’t be an exact copy of your thesis, but it should sum up your point. In this opening-to-your-closing, use the full title of the film again, and mention the way(s) it fell short.
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