In a society where crimes punished, crime still abounds. Why?

University of Phoenix please answer the following with 125 words or more with references.



1.Why is it important to have a reinforcement contingency whenever you have a punishment contingency?




  1. There are various forms of positive punishment ranging from telling a student “NO” to electric shock.  Explain why positive punishment is different than extinction or negative punishment by using examples to make your case.



  1. When putting an extinction procedure into a client’s behavior plan, a therapist has to consider side effects. Pick a hypothetical behavior and discuss a possible extinction plan for that behavior including what side effects you might expect and how you would plan for them


  1. Time out is a form of punishment in that it removes the person from an environment in which reinforcers for the target behavior are available. What are some instances in which time out would not be a good remediation?


  1. In a society where crimes punished, crime still abounds. Why?


  1. The first ethical responsibility for any human services professional or agency is to do no harm. I would add this should be an ethical responsibility for parents also! Any intervention must be physically safe for all involved and contain no elements that are degrading or disrespectful to the client.  The doctrine of the least restrictive alternative holds that less intrusive procedures, such as positive approaches, must be tried first and found to be ineffective before more intrusive procedures are implemented.



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