Impact that the earthquake cause

I need a 12 page essay

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It is about the northridge earthquake in 1994
I need an essay that talks about a specific impact that the earthquake caused. For example, the paper attached has different sources and in these sources they talk abt the northridge earthquake in a specific perspective so i want you to add a new effect of the Earthquake that was not specifically stated in the book, using the sources that i have listed in the attachment. I also attached questions that you can use as a guide. You can quote any of the sources listed below to prove your point. For example, the professor was stating how using what everyone was stressing about in these books about the northridge earthquake and coming up with a new perfective,. You can talk about whether their were ready for this catastrophe or not, in a long term view, or even the results of this earthquake from a specific point of view.
Thank you, I need an A (freshmen undergrad)
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