Illinois Department of Child and Family Services Mandated Reporter Certificate Assignment

EDU 206 Human Growth and Development


Child Development and Abuse –  Assignment #2 (50 Points)


PART 1: Illinois Department of Child and Family Services Mandated Reporter Certificate Assignment (5 points)


Many people suggested that community effort is needed to stop child abuse and neglect. One part of that effort in Illinois is to become Certified as an Illinois Mandated Reporter. This certificate carries 2 continuing education units and that will translate in this class to 10 points. This certificate might also be used on your resume when applying for jobs, especially for those professions identified in the training i.e. social service, law enforcement, teachers and medical personnel.


It is estimated that this part will take between an hour and an hour and a half. Once you sign on and enter a password, write it down somewhere that you can easily access, so you don’t have to go through the extra steps or creating a new password.


To become certified and complete this part go to the following link and take the training: 


You will be asked to identify your profession and if you are not already in the field, just put down the one that seems best for you. This is a real world experience for those of you who will be going into any of the mandated reporting professions.


You will have to submit the certificate by attaching it to your assignment on blackboard.


PART II: What You Learned (12 points)


In a word document, write three important ideas you gained from completing the DCFS Child Abuse Training for Mandated Reporting. This part should be at least three paragraphs (one for each idea). I do not want you just stating three ideas. I want to know why these items were important to you.


PART III: Child Abuse Effects Development (20 points)


In the last past of the assignment, you need to do research on how child abuse effects a child’s develop. This can include physical, cognitive, emotional, and psychological development. This part needs to be at least 2-3 pages double-space. It your choice what areas of development you want to focus on. Make sure you incorporate information that you have learned from the class/book in this section. You must cite your sources within the paper and have a reference page. You will not receive credit for this part if sources are not cited. You must use 3 credible sources besides the book to receive full credit.




This assignment is worth 50 points. Please look at Rubric for grading, but here is a breakdown.

5 points for grammar

5 points for citing sources

3 points for 3 credible sources

5 points for completing the certificate

12 points for three things you learned

20 points for the typed report on child development and abuse

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: