Identify who is responsible for each action in the plan (e.g., Director of Marketing, Director of Human Resources, etc.).

Recommend specific short-term objectives and action plans. That is, identify the short-term objectives the firm must achieve to realize the long-term objectives your team has established. Stated differently, identify what the firm must accomplish to achieve (or move closer to achieving) its long-term objectives. Specifically, identify at least one short-term objective for each long-term objective your team has established. Remember to make sure your team’s short-term objectives possess the characteristics of effective short-term objectives
• Additionally, each short-term objective must be accompanied by an action plan. As stated in the textbook: “Short-term objectives are usually accompanied by action plans, which enhance these objectives [i.e., short-term objectives] in three ways.” A detailed discussion of how action plans enhance short-term objectives is discussed in the textbook (see Chapter 10, Page 268). Simply stated, for each short-term objective your team establishes, your team must outline an action plan that identifies:
(1) The functional tactics and activities associated with achieving the short-term objective (i.e., the actions that will be undertaken in each functional area in the near future as part of the business’s effort to achieve the stated short-term objective).
(2) A clear time frame for completing each action (i.e., identify when each action will begin and when each action will be completed).
(3) Identify who is responsible for each action in the plan (e.g., Director of Marketing, Director of Human Resources, etc.).
Note: I strongly recommend summarizing your team’s long-term objectives and associated short-term objectives and action plans in a table of some type (e.g., develop a time-line). (See Chapter 10)
• Recommend policies to aid strategy execution (i.e., policies that empower action). (See Chapter 10)
Recommend appropriate executive bonus compensation practices. At minimum, propose an appropriate executive bonus compensation plan. Don’t be afraid to put forward an innovative (or novel) plan. Try to design a plan that reduces agency problems (i.e., identify some creative ways in which to minimize agency problems). you must provide me with all details about the point that I ask for

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