Identify the topic, purpose, and scope of your instruction manual. Describe what you intend to write about in your technical instructions.

Assignment Instructions:

Complete this assignment using a memo format via the template below using an MS Word format.

Sentence Requirements: Every paragraph needs eight sentences or more.

Format: Single spaced within the paragraph and skip a space in between paragraphs.

Submission: Post your assignment to your assignment folder.

Note: I will be using this rubric (posted below) to evaluate and grade your assignment.  Please review this carefully before beginning your work.  Make sure you have met all the requirements before you hand in the assignment.



What to Do: Using the prescribed planning memo template, addressed to your instructor, describe your plans for developing your instruction manual and detailing your instruction manual’s audience.

Describe briefly your instruction manual’s purpose, an overview of what you plan to do, the tasks/activities you intend to write instructions about, and the topic of your technical description.



Set up your memo using the following standard memo heading:

To: Teacher Name





Note: Use eight or more sentences per paragraph.

What is your topic?

Identify the topic, purpose, and scope of your instruction manual. Describe what you intend to write about in your technical instructions.


What is your plan of action?

Describe what you intend to do to complete this project and provide a brief project schedule listing all the activates from researching through drafting and final editing.Explain which activities will you undertake to complete this project? For example, will you participate in interviews, experiment with a project, observe a process, etc.

Who is your intended audience and what is their profile?

Identify your intended audience and include a profile of your audience and relevant characteristics such as their interests and knowledge level. What type of audience will be reading your instructions: general public, people experienced on the topic or beginners?


Wrap up the memo by summarizing the main idea of the memo and topic. Leave your readers with a positive impression of your idea.

Due Date: 19JUN16

Grading Rubric is Attached





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