Identify the legal issue(s) in the practical exercise.

The last assignment will be worth 70 points. It will be a written assignment. The assignment will ask you to respond in writing to one of the two practical exercises located on p.253 and p 536. This assignment will be due no later than April 30. Please note for this assignment the minimum length is 2 pages. Warning: This assignment is to be completed independently. I will not accept or grade written assignments that are word for word the same or even close to being the same response. During the next class we will discuss in more detail this assignment. I would suggest between now and next class to read over the practical exercises and decide which one of two you will respond to.
The final written assignment will be graded upon the following criteria:
Critical analysis. This means doing research, discussing legal authorities (laws) that apply to the chosen practical exercise, and discussing varying points of view.
Identify the legal issue(s) in the practical exercise.
And reach a conclusion based upon your analysis.
Spelling and grammar, double spaced, & not less than two pages.
This assignment will be done independently. I will not grade assignments that are exactly the same responses to the chosen practical exercise.

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