Identify Provider and Two Changes – MACRA and Physicians

The rough draft of your 8-10 page paper should contain an introduction leading to your thesis; the body with at least two sections to cover the two areas of potential changes providers will experience as a result of the affordable health care act; included here are your thoughts on causes of the changes, short-term effects, and long-term effects. Your conclusion summarizes your perspective on the issue as introduced in your thesis. The four research sources from your annotated bibliography should be presented in APA format at the end of the paper.

STEP ONE: Please read attachments to read the introduction and two changes I have already identified which affect physicians under the ACA MACRA Law.


STEP TWO: FIND some research (AMERICAN ONLY) on causes of the changes, long term and short term effects of the changes.


PLEASE WRITE in English and use American sources! Government or state sources are the most accurate

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