Identify current state of knowledge sharing in Surgeons organization.

Group Assignment: Knowledge Sharing Strategies

Knowledge sharing in organizations is an inexpensive way for Knowledge Managers to help organizations overcome barriers and become more competitive. In this group project, students will draw on their cumulative knowledge of KM, and specifically from the readings on Communities of Practice, to propose effective knowledge sharing strategies.

Members of teams follow pre-established rules for capture, validation, refreshing, and expiration of content. The least formal might be Facebook. The most formal might be an ongoing, complex, scientific research project. Of course, most knowledge management-sharing solutions are in the middle of these extremes. The Assignment has Part A and Part B. Students will work in groups.

Required Elements to include in the Knowledge Sharing Group Paper:

Each group will create a group name. Each group’s report should include:

  • The purpose and external competitive context of the organization;
  • Current state of knowledge sharing in the organization;
  • Recommended knowledge sharing strategies for the organization;
  • Discussion of how the organization might be improved and better aligned using course readings and articles to support selected knowledge sharing approaches;
  • Identification of technology, human resource, and routines/process elements of all proposed knowledge sharing strategies.

My groups choose to do Surgeons.  They meet to exchange ideas so there will be plenty of examples of communities of practice since they hold conferences depending on their specialty. So to do surgeons as a whole and then break them down into their communities (cardiothoracic, general surgeons, pediatric, etc).  There will also be plenty example of knowledge assets and knowledge transfers since surgeons publish papers and those working in learning hospitals help to teach and grow those who are up and coming in the field. New improvements and technologies are also being released in that field.

My part is to identify:

Current state of knowledge sharing in Surgeons organization.


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