Identify an area of social change in your community and Describe it.

Identify and area of social change in your community. You can access it from a website, personal experience, newspaper article, and news broadcast. Discuss the root cause in detail and describe at least 5 social problems/issues affecting the root cause. What are (at least four) practical strategies aimed at addressing the these issues? Then, define and describe the effect each of the 7 Cs of Social Change Model can have on the root cause. You will be expected to draw from terminology, class discussions and experiences inside and out of the classroom. Also, be sure to cite Leadership for a Better World. End with a group reflection on how you are tackling this issue.

You must use resources to address your findings, this assignment is not opinion based. You should visit the Writing Center to ensure you are citing sources appropriately and the paper is free of grammatical errors. Include an updated site visit assessment in the appendix of the paper (this portion of the paper does not count to pages of the paper). Please use APA to cite references. If you are not familiar with APA this website will be very helpful: (Links to an external site.). Must be in APA format you will lose 2-5 points for each mistake.

Overall outline for assessment:

Cover page (name, class title and date)
Introduction to issue
Literature review of root cause
Practical strategies to address the issue
Connection to the Social Change Model
Group reflection
Site visit assessment
Writing center verification
Artifacts (i.e. pictures, articles, agency materials).

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: