I Have a Dream Speech Annotated Bibliography

After selecting your topic, you will search for at least 5 sources (two of which must be from a library database in https://www.tntech.edu/library/ in Eagle search or http://www.worldofcrockett.com/erdb/databases.php) that address that topic in diverse ways. Once you have amassed those sources, you will produce an annotated bibliography for them and write a letter of introduction. More specifically, you will:

1. Annotate each source by a) producing an MLA citation for that source, b) summarizing the author’s main points, and c) noting how each source is rhetorically unique (e.g. in terms of its tone, purpose, audience, argument, use of appeals, etc.).

2. Write a 1 page letter in which you introduce the historical/cultural event OR figure and discuss its/his/her impact on your life. Provide the reader with specific details, such as where you were when you heard about the event, how you initially reacted, and how the event continues to influence you. You should also discuss how the sources you have selected have added to, challenged, or otherwise affected your understanding of the event.

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