How the Facebook work for this tactic.

This the idea and tactics for the campaign
The task:
Using facebook is one of the tactic for this campaign, Explained how the facebook work for this tactic. (You can find the information below), and also explained why using social media – Facebook is a good idea. Created the album (Just a simple design) for the facebook.
Social media via Facebook (3things for 2013 page, the materials on it pulled from Oxfam, what the album would look like, the 3things for 2013 event invite)

3THINGS FOR 2013 campaign
1. At the start of 2012, Oxfam begins to gather a lot of photos of students with their ‘3things’ to do with environmental sustainability held up on paper/chalkboard. These are uploaded to the facebook page ‘3things for 2013’ under one big album, with the individuals in photos finding the page and tagging themselves (which then spreads awareness through their own facebook networks). This album builds up over the year through various youth events that Oxfam already hosts to do with sustainability, including exchange for change, the hip hop approach and design for change. The facebook page stipulates that the photos in the album will be turned into a visual petition (in booklet form) to be given to the candidates for the 2013 federal election demanding action on Climate Change. The facebook page also has other resources (videos and existing info from Oxfam’s website) which allows facebook users to understand how climate change is effecting the world (getting them riled up!) as well as simple ways they can help make the earth more sustainable.

2. In May 2013, at the start of the uni year, Oxfam sets up stalls at UNSW, UTS, Sydney Uni and Maquarie that informs students of the petition booklet to gain more photos/support (around this time the print materials go up, i.e. the posters around canvas, the leaflets given out about the booklet and the upcoming run)

3. In June 2013, the people on the Facebook page are all invited to participate in the fun run.

4. The run takes place around election time 2013 (August-Nov depending on when they call it at the start of that year). The aim of the run is to promote awareness for climate change by delivering two copies of the booklet (one each, carried by Oxfam officials who lead the run) to the electoral candidates who will be waiting on Bondi beach at the end of the running track (a section of the beach will have to be reserved, set up with a stage to speak on)

5. To make it simpler, students pay a $20 entry fee which includes a singlet from Adidas, lunch with the electoral candidates and the chance to win Adidas prizes and meet Scarlett Joho! This money goes toward an existing Oxfam project on climate change, which is communicated on the event details.

6. At the end of the run, the candidates receive and respond to the booklets via a 5 minute speech about their climate change policies before serving the runners a BBQ lunch! LOL sucks to be them but a really good press opportunity to bond with young voters!

7. After lunch, an Oxfam official announces the winner of the prizes and thanks everyone for participating.

More information
Also what’s happening now is that they present the booklet at the end of the run to the current prime minister, opposition leader and environmental minister. This happens in November 2012 at before the 2012 UN Climate Conference (held in early December). This is because I realised you never know when a federal election is called, there could be some crisis and its called in 2012 before we’re ready and we’re screwed! The campaign is still called 3things for 2013, because the booklet will be used as a petition to inform policy decisions for the coming year as well as let the politicians have something to consider before they attend the climate conference! Also Oxfam already has people monitoring the UN Climate Conferences, and his regular blog can be posted to them to communicate the results of the conference!

Also, I compiled a list of the following events that Oxfam already attends with their chalkboards/will be able to attend throughout 2012 to gather the photo signatures. All are located in Sydney and attract a large amount of young people. They are widespread across music, fashion, shopping, film (just like they originally wanted!) and all are good places where they can wander around and talk to young people).

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