How might family members inform or impact the delivery of your professional services?

first 2 pages: Select two (2) values listed in the text that you feel you strongly support. Describe each of these values and their importance in your life. The best answers involve including specific examples and experiences from your own life (your biography and social location). Stay away from common sense. Now select two values that you do not support, or perhaps you feel are not that important to you right now. What are these values and why are they not important to you? Identify and describe how three (3) of the following might have influenced the development of your values. Be sure to underline or bold these terms in your essay. primary groups (pp. 152-154) secondary groups (pp. 153-154) reference groups (pp. 152-156) institutions (pp. 100-102) peer pressure (pp. 164-165) 2nd 2 pages:1. Select one type of family from the diverse forms of U.S. families (ethnic American families, single-parents, families without children, blended families, gay and lesbian families). Consider selecting a family form you might be coming into contact with as a professional — or a family form that you are unfamiliar with so you can learn something you did not already know. 2. Research this family form online collecting statistical data and providing a written description of the statistics. Start by searching the Internet for websites on a specific family form. Your sources need to be credible. Cite your sources using the style formatting of your choice: MLA or APA, including your text. 3. Apply at least one theoretical perspective (pp. 455-458; also “tool kit” slideshow, Module 2) to explain the patterns or changes in families. Use relevant terms and provide specific evidence why you think this theory is the best explanation. 4. Use your sociological imagination to connect statistical trends (Macro) to individual-level situations (Micro). Consider these questions: Do you think that you might come into contact with this family form in your career? How might family members inform or impact the delivery of your professional services? Comment on the new sociological information you have learned. Do you think this assignment might/ might not improve your capacities — personally and/ or professionally?

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