How many players on these teams are from another country?

Sports have “gone global” in KC and we can see that clearly in two of our sports teams… but just how many players on these teams are from another country? Choose one of the two KC sports teams: Kansas City Royals or Sporting Kansas City. Create this in a Microsoft Word document with a clean professional look and submit on Blackboard before the due date and time. If it looks like it was copied from another student’s submission, I will accept neither, so do something to distinguish your submission from others. Name your file KC Sports Go Global EC – YourName . (Make sure your name and date are also in the heading of the document) List all players by their full name who were officially on the roster as of the end of the 2015 season for only one of these teams. Group the players by their country of citizenship in order of the largest group first (probably the USA). If they are currently a citizen of one country but born in another country, group them with their citizenship but make mention of the country of their birth. Finally, for each foreign country group heading, list any trade blocs or trade agreements they have with the US; as well as the major religions, official languages, and most recent GDP nominal and GDP ranking (use CIA World Factbook). Please choose KC Royals!

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