How is gender represented in this work? Is there a tension between the dominant gender ideology and an alternate reading of this work?



Your final paper will be a research paper on an artist of your choice who was active between the years of 1700-present.  You will develop a 7-8 page paper that uses outside sources to form an argument related to this work. Your argument should grow out of a single work of art by this artist that is supported by scholarly arguments and further articulated through the use of comparisons with other works of art by the same artists and/or related artists. Your argument should move beyond the particular style or movement of the artist (in other words, arguing that this artist belongs to the romantic movement is not a sufficient thesis).




Possible prompts include (but are not limited to):


How is gender represented in this work? Is there a tension between the dominant gender ideology and an alternate reading of this work?


How is race represented in this work? How does this work support the dominant ideology of the period? Are there ambiguities present that reflect the complexities of racial discourse?


How does this work interact with the developments of modernity? Is it in support of modernity or critical?

What is the relationship between class structure and the politics of this work?




You should use at least five scholarly sources. You may use readings from this class as one or more of your sources.


A useful starting point for general information is Oxford Art Online – this is accessible through the library website. It does not count as a source.


Also useful are ArtIndex and JSTOR as tools for locating articles in PDF form.




This paper should be 7-8 pages, double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 pt standard font with page numbers included in header or footer.

Your work should be written in italics followed by the date of creation (the first time it is mentioned).

The first time you mention a person it should be first name and last name. Thereafter refer to them by last name only.

  • You should include images which should be located at the end of your text. These should be numbered figure 1, figure 2, etc. They should be referred to in the text as follows:


In the painting xxx  (date) by XX XX, the figure is presented….. (fig. 1).


The page count does not include the images!

Please refer to the Chicago Manual of Style for citation practices. Each discipline has its own conventions. Art Historians follow the general guidelines for humanities citation practices which use footnotes with a works cited page.


My Topic


The artist is Rene Magritte (21 November 1898 – 15 August 1967) was a very famous Belgian surrealist artist.


Some research question, What is surrealist painting and why Rene Magritte use surrealist as his main style and also some of his famous surrealist painting. What are meanings of those painting. In addition, what is different than other surrealist painting in 20th century?

Considering my research question, think should also look up books on Surrealism.



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