How effective is this kind of learning?

Professor instructions: In My Dinner with Calais Chris Anson illustrates dialogic learning by describing dialogues written by students that demonstrate the knowledge that they have learned in particular courses. How effective is this kind of learning? Would it have worked in classes that you have taken? In this essay please try out the idea of dialogic learning by choosing a subject such as a theory, issue or controversy, perhaps one that you have studied in your major, and writing a dialogue that dramatizes the conflict and conveys your understanding of the subject. There are many examples in the story, and we could easily imagine others. Please be as creative as you want. Write an entertaining and interesting dialogue.
Your essay should have two parts: your dialogue and your evaluation of this kind of writing assignment. Your evaluation could be in the form of a cover letter, an epilogue, or something else. Your dialogue should be about four pages, and your reflective piece should be two to three pages, typed and double spaced.

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