How does this source fit into my research?

Research Paper

The Situational Leadership Model

Submit an outline of the preliminary research with at least two scholarly references. Whith the outline, discuss why the topic was chosen, possible subtopics for focus (at least 2), possible research quetions that could be investigated and the relevance of the two scholarly references to the research.

Outline should be at least 2 pages in length, double spaced, Times New Roman 12, APA.


Annotated Bibliography

Inlcude five outside sources from the Columbia Southern University Online library that you can use for the researcfh paper. Include a brief summary of the source:

What are the author’s main points?

How does this source fit into my research?

Iis this source objective or does it have a bias?

How could I use this information in my paper?


Each of the five sources should include a 100-150 word annotation.


Research Paper

Address the following points:

How does this theory addess organization change?

What are the leader’s behaviors and characteristics?

What are the follower’s behaviors and characteristics?

What situational characteristics can this theory be applied?

Provide two examples of this theory in action.(Provide two examples of this theory in a theoretical application or from your own experiences.)


Use the same outside sources from the Annotated Bibliography.


Research paper in APA

Title Page

Research Paper body (at least five pages in length)

Reference page (at least five outside sources)

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