How does the artist use the elements of art/design in his/her work? (line, color, shape, form, rhythm, space, his/her chosen media, scale, etc.)

Choose one (1) individual artist from your textbook, such as Beverly Buchanan, Chuck Close, June Wayne, etc. In Chapter 1, beginning on page 4 of your text, you will find four roles of artists. After choosing one of the videos (and perhaps reading about that artist in your text or other resources), using these roles of artists, describe your sense of how each of these four roles function in the work of the artist represented by your chosen artist. Additional information on your chosen artist can be found in the textbook, A World of Art (and usually online at various sites).

You will have approximately two pages (or more) you will have written for this assignment. Most of your written responses will be composed of your opinions, but remember to support your personal statements with examples from the World of Art textbook and video to make your brief essay more solid. Examples, in this case, refer to one of the main purposes of an art appreciation text. A purpose of the text is to build a vocabulary of understanding and communicating about one’s experiences of art. So…

In your essay begin to use the vocabulary you are learning in art appreciation to accurately, and more importantly, express your experience of your chosen artist.

All assignments are totaled together and count as a test grade toward your semester final grade. Each question below will be more than a “yes” or “no” or “I don’t like it” or “I do like it.” The questions below MUST be used by all students in formatting your essay. Make sure you use these questions to focus your essay:

1.How does the artist use the elements of art/design in his/her work? (line, color, shape, form, rhythm, space, his/her chosen media, scale, etc.)
2.Does this artist seem to challenge existing values? Is their work somewhat “radical” compared to contemporaries or compared to artists who have come before them? How or in what way does the artist make the challenge? What do they seem to challenge? Or do they not challenge cultural/artistic values?
3.What cultural influences seem to be important in this artist’s work?
4.Comment on the historic, social, and perhaps aesthetic value of the work of this artist. What makes this so? What is your evidence for this?
5.What does the artist seem to be trying to do with his/her art? For you, does he/she succeed? How? Or not?
6.Is is it possible the public might/might not misunderstand what’s going on with this art work? Why would this be so?
7.Begin your essay with how your chosen artist reflects Suzanne Lacy’s four roles of the artist (Chapter 4) and support your comment with evidence.
8.Remember to back up your opinion(s) with material from the textbook. This will require, yes, some reading of all things!

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