How does management evolution provide effective housing management services?

Thesis should include the following five major areas
1.Introduction to quality value
2.How to prepare audit and inspection for the organisation
3.Introduction and review performance standard (or index)
4.Describe quality standard
5.Managing organization acquisition or re-structure

It should address the following four areas clearly to demonstrate understanding of each topic
• The reason to promote such management evolution
• Project evaluation
• How to provide organization major stakeholders with evolution/reform procedures
• Evaluate the effectiveness of institutional management and service reform program

Writing guidelines
1.Introduction (300 words), 3-8 headings, body and reference
2. The body of the writing should include heading and subheadings (up to 3 subheadings)
3. Should include pictures, tables, figures as supporting and must be well-documented
4. Reference must be in order

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