How do you treat bullying on campus ?

I have interviewed Dr. Nancy psychological professor i asked couple of questions about bullying.
1- How do you treat bullying on campus ?
Dr. Nancy answered : She would recommend students consulting with the Dean of students of campus.
2- Where should students go to deal with bullying on campus ?
Dr. Nancy answered : We provide them emotional support to help them better cobe , We can help with Assertiveness skills , We refer students to use resources on or off the campus . And encouraged them to talk to the Dean of students or Campus service also help them listening and validate them.
3- Can you give any insight of the topic of bullying on campus ?
Dr. Nancy answered : Harassing and bullying we help a ccue the college campuses and the office provide emotional support.
4- That should be done by the writer Research bullying on other college campuses . Also Cite sources
You need to relate her answers to how you feel collegiate bullying is happening and how to prevent it also make sure you write a paragraph for each question 3 of them and research about bullying on other campuses and cite sourses
Note my section ( Caps workers only ) thats group project you just need to write methods and results and research

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