How do women combat this in the literature we’ve read?

By now we’ve come to understand the Virgen/Malinche dichotomy in Mexican literature. We’ve
understood that the Virgen and the Malinche are defined, not by women, but by men. Men have
decided to label women in these contrasting models of what it means to be a “right woman.”
But who and what defines the man?
Using the literature we’ve read in class:
1. Explain what it means to be a man in Mexico.
2. Who defines masculinity and how is it defined?
3. What role do women play in defining masculinity? Think beyond the standard
conquest and control narratives we’ve seen. How do mothers play a role? Are all
women expected to be mothers? Are there traces of oedipal relationships?
4. What were your expectations of masculinity prior to this class? Have they been
reinforced or have you reconsidered it?
5. Male privilege dominates a lot of the narratives we’ve read this semester. How do
women combat this in the literature we’ve read? Or do they remain passive? If
they don’t why not? If they do, how?
In order to receive full credit, you will:
1. The final will be AT LEAST TEN (10)
pages in length. A cover page will be included,
and will not count as a page. The paper will also include a Works Cited page, in MLA
2. Use at least six (6) of the readings we have covered in class. You can use more, and
that is fine.
3. Points will be deducted for grammar and spelling errors. Please review your papers
before your turn them in.
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Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: