How do we determine the usefulness of a theory? Explain.

1.    We will be introduced to many theories in this class.  How do we determine the usefulness of a theory?  Explain.


2.    We know that Freud provided many of the foundational thinking for psychoanalytical thinking.  There are many different concepts introduced in Chapter 2. Reviewing a concept from chapter 2 – apply it to any individual from today’s news.  Provide us with the name of the individual and then explain how the concept applies to them.  Think outside the box.




3.    How is Adler different from Freud?  Is he a better theorist?  Explain.




4.    Jung has some very distinct differences from Freud and Adler.  Name at least two of them.  Also provide your thinking as to which of the three might be the most appropriate for analysis of individuals in today’s world.  Explain your thinking.




5.    What is the dangerous method – and why is it dangerous?




6.    Of the key features – pick one and explain its application. Six key features (1) generates research, (2) is falsible, (3) organizes data, (4) guides action, (5) is internally consistent, and (6) is parsimonious. (Feist, Feist, & Roberts, 2013)




7.    What is your understanding of super ego?




8.    Many novelists write based on Jung archetypes.  What does that mean to you?


After reading this article – explain the main point(s) you take away from the article.


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