How do sociologists and other researchers study disasters?

How do sociologists and other researchers study disasters? This assignment will provide you with an opportunity to answer this and other questions about disaster research.


Follow the steps below:


1. Go to the Natural Hazards Center website on the World Wide Web:


2. Familiarize yourself with the mission of the center by clicking “About Us”


3. Select “Research” tab (top of website)


4. Click on “Quick Response Grant Program” and learn about how social scientists can participate in disaster research at the center.


5. Go to “Quick Response Research Reports” and familiarize yourself with some of the research studies that have been conducted and written about by social scientists affiliated with the Natural Hazards Center.


6. Choose two reports that addresses subjects that interest you


7. Answer the following questions:

a) What research question (or problem) did the researcher choose to study?

b) What research methods (data gathering   tools) did the researcher use to collect data?

c) What were the findings of the research?

d) How significant were the findings in contributing to our understanding of disasters?


8. Submit a two or three page written report for each quick response report (in other words, your total work should be 4-6 pages long)


9. No plagiarism


11. Please create ONE (1) single document in Word containing both reports.  Make sure to identify the source of your reports in their bibliographies.


12. Spacing: Double-spaced.  Font: 12.

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