How did the three days you analyzed compare to your usual eating pattern?

With the information you have recorded on your three-day food log (Part One of the lab from W1 Assignment 3), visit the Web sites and or any Web site of your choosing and enter your food record data. Be sure to print out all of the available reports. These reports will need to be submitted with your final paper due Week 6. Using the information from the reports you have generated, complete the following analysis of your eating habits. Post your completed summary to the W2 Assignment 3 Dropbox by Week 2, Day 6.

Three-Day Food Record Analysis Summary

-How did the three days you analyzed compare to your usual eating pattern?
-How many calories from carbohydrates did you eat on average over the three days?
-What percentage of total calories came from carbohydrates?
-List your top three sources of carbohydrates.
-How many grams of fiber did you eat?
-What is the recommended number of grams of fiber you should eat daily?
-How many grams of protein do you need each day? Calculate this by multiplying your current body weight in pounds by 0.36.
-List the 3 major sources of protein in your diet.
-How many grams of total fat did you eat?
-What percentage of your total calorie intake was fat?
-How many calories, if any, from alcohol did you consume on average?
-Compare your dietary pyramid with the My Plate. How do your eating habits, as represented in your three-day food log, compare to the recommendations?

Then, discuss a Plan for Improvement:

-Create a list of suggestions for improvement, paying attention to things like fiber intake and decrease in sugar consumption, and address any other dietary imbalance noted.

-Develop a menu plan for three days, based on your three-day food log that presents well-balanced, nutritional meals each day. Describe any lifestyle changes you would need to introduce to ensure that you are able to follow this menu plan. Post the list of suggestions at the end of your assignment.

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