How and why did slavery grow in North America?

How and why did slavery grow in North America? Why did slavery expand in the south while it diminished in the North? What laws did the government make regarding slavery, and to what purpose? Is slavery mentioned in the Constitution?

This paper should be in size 12 font, Times New Roman, and double spaced, with 1 inch margins. Citations should be done using chicago style.
Using the proper format is worth 10% of your grade. there must also be a clear thesis, and all main points must support that thesis.

You must include a bibliography at the end of your assignment.

3 of your sources should be secondary, and 3 must be primary- a total of 6 Sources is the minimum. You may cite Brinkley- but it will not count towards the minimum number of sources. You are expected to do your own research, and may not cite an encyclopedia or wikipedia as a source.

Your sources may not be from the internet unless:

1. It is a Primary Source
2. It is from a scholarly Journal.

Thus, answers, Wikipedia, etc, will not count at all.

Proper use of sources makes up 20% of your grade on the paper- a paper with no citations at all would get a 0 for this portion!

You should use a citation at least once in every paragraph, to provide evidence to back up your statements. Citations should be foot-noted on the page in which they appear.[1]

Your paper must be submitted to to receive ANY credit. If it is not turned into that site, I will not even look at it.

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