History of the U.S. Supreme Court

This is for an Administration of Justice class, The Topic that you’re going to write about is History of the U.S. Supreme Court, You are to research
the existing literature of the topic and describe the issue. For example, if you were writing about
police use of force, you would define what force is and describe the different levels of force police
use and the existing laws governing the use of force. No personal stories or opinions. This is a
literature review paper. This paper is about Police Corruption.Papers shall be double spaced, 12 size font,
and Arial or Times Roman style characters using Microsoft Word. This paper is required to have
a reference or bibliography citing your sources (at least three) in the proper APA style format.
Sources of information can include books, articles, videos, Internet, in-person interviews etc.
However, only one website source may be used in the entire bibliography. The Paper shall be a minimum of 4 pages of text and no longer than 6 pages in length, not including
your reference or bibliography page and cover page. Please feel free if you want me to clarify something. Thank you.

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