Aesthetic Activity: Art and Design

Here is what you must do:

Picture yourself in your desired profession.  Come up with a scenario in which you were given a project to do.  State the reasons why this project is necessary in your career.  The idea of the project must consist of an aesthetic activity.  This aesthetic activity must incorporate what you already know about your profession (major).  You are to show step-by-step, in detail, how you will go about creating this project.  You must provide details about your career field (cite your sources) and the aesthetic activity (cite your sources).  Remember that this is your invention, so the sky’s the limit!  Let your creativity flow.  I may help you out with the research and the details, but you have to come up with the aesthetic product.

The best way to approach this paper:
Begin the first two to three paragraphs of your paper describing your profession and the artistic activity you wish to include in your project.  Also include the reasons why it is needed.
The next five to seven paragraphs should include details about what you know about your profession.  It should only be about your profession.  Provide details about how you will go about creating the profession side of the project, focusing on the skills and knowledge you learned about your profession.  Cite your sources.
The next five to seven paragraphs should be about the details of the artistic field.  Focus on what you know about the artistic discipline you picked.  For example, if you choose music, then focus on what you have researched about music; if you choose art, then focus on what you have researched about art.  You should only write about the artistic activity, nothing else.  Cite your sources.
Be sure to use terminology and concepts associated with the artistic field.  Go to Content–>Assignment: Interview–>Class Notes–>HUM1020 The Disciplines for an extensive list of terms commonly used in various artistic subjects.

The final two to three paragraphs should be your concluding paragraph putting your profession, the artistic activity, and the project together.  Here is where you bring it all together presenting the entire project and its details.

Here are some examples to help you get your creative energy going.

1.  Profession:  Computer Programming

Aesthetic Activity:  Art and Design
Create a computer program that helps a doctor’s office send out holiday cards to all clients of varying religious backgrounds.

2.  Profession:  Engineering

Aesthetic Activity:  Music
Implement music on the stairwells of your four-story building so that it encourages employees to take the stairs more often for health improvement.

3.  Profession:  Psychiatry/Psychologist/Counselor

Aesthetic Activity:  Music and Art
Create an artistic and musical exit-room for patients to wait in before they are ready to leave.
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