Have you watched the movie how much would you charge?

I am in a Fundamental Speaking Class and we need to write a 2-3 paper.
for this assignment you will be viewing To Kill a Mockingbird and evaluating the character of Atticus Finch as a public speaker (there are many other characters, you may write about also) He is an attorney in Alabama in the early 1930’s, and has been asked to defend an African American who is accused of beating and raping a white woman.
This movie provides many examples of the different element of public speaking. Some of the things you may want to discuss are:
delivery (vocal variety, movement, articulation, eye contact)
audience (size, preconceived ideas, etc)
context (era, physical effects of the setting)
egocentrism & ethnocentrism (in regards to all speakers in the courtroom)
ethos, logos, pathos
logical fallacies
although we are well into the movie before we actually see Atticus performance in the court, the information will provide a soild context in which the events take place, and should give you an opportunity to consider all the things that play a part in this speakers attempts to exonerate his client
your paper should be thoughtful and analytical, address the elements of public speaking (not a summary of the movie) and well written using appropriate language and mechanics
are you able to write this paper? have you watched the movie how much would you charge?
i would need the paper by wed Dec 2
preferably if you were to turn it in tonight that would be better. I already paid someone to do this, but they haven’t returned my emails and haven’t turned the assignment in.
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