Group Simulation Project


  1. Group Simulation Project

Each team will submit a 2500 words (including exhibits) Business Plan for their Simulation Company.  Use Times Roman 11 font, 1 inch margins, double spaced.  The business plan should provide the Board a report on your strategic decisions, with an account of your performance state, and your plan for the future.  Specifics of your decisions over various quarters, assessment of those decisions, and how you stand vis-à-vis competition should be included.  Use the following headings and subheadings to organize your Business Plan:

1) Executive Summary

2) Strategy of the Firm – SWOT, STEEP and Competitor Analysis

3) Analysis of current situation and the market

    1. Industry analysis and firm capabilities
    2. Market structure and dynamic strategy
    3. Business strategy based on value chain
    4. Functional Strategies – Marketing, Operations, Human Resources & Finance
    5. Business eco-system and stakeholder strategy

4) Alternative Growth Strategy Scenarios for Future (what it will take to get ahead and to stay ahead)

5) Implementation Plan – Corporate-level strategy and organization


Make sure that the exhibits are in sequence, and are referenced and interpreted in  the text of your report.   You may take data exhibits from the simulation itself.   In addition, you should create three analytical exhibits for Part 2 above, and four analytical exhibits in total for Parts 3a-e.


Complement this work with an 8th analytical exhibit showing a financial statement analysis of your company.   For the financial statement analysis, consider the following ratios:

  1. Investment Return
  2. Capital Market ratios: EPS and P/E
  3. Financial Strength
  4. Liquidity ratios: Current and Acid test
  5. Solvency ratios: D/A, D/E, Interest Coverage, Cash Flow/Debt
  6. Management Performance
  7. Profitability ratios: Gross margin, Net profit margin, return on assets, return on equity, return on capital
  8. Resource utilization ratios
  9. Asset turnover


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