gang classification schema

Using gang classification schema found using research, apply the
classification of gangs to explain and identify local gang types,
and their activities and norms.

CLASSIFICATION schema researched and info FROM THE GANGS ABOVE.

A. Using research studies from online resources such as the National
Youth Gang Center or other online sources/online databases, research
classification approaches for Gangs.

B. Compare at least three approaches to classify gang data acquired
through research. What types of gangs are in evidence using each
approach? How do you know that? Does this classification provide any
specific insights or information about gangs in the Community?

C. What problems did you encounter in applying that classification to
your data? How representative is that of other efforts?

D. Create your report (3-4 pages). Include a brief statement on your
process (2-3 paragraphs) and appropriate citations (APA Style).

(below do not need to be answered just keep in mind)
Keep these thoughts in mind: To discover the issues and problems in
creating classifications for gangs including a definition which
delineates what constitutes a gang and differentiates it from other
social and sports groups. What is the definition of a team?

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