Find article that discusses the topic of business ethics and write a two-page review of the article you selected.

Business Ethics

Unit I Article Review -2 pages

Find article that discusses the topic of business ethics and write a two-page review of the article you selected. Your article review must address the following:

  • Summarize the article, and provide an analysis of the author’s main points.
  • How does this article contribute to contemporary thinking about business ethics?
  • Assess the ethical issues faced by the business leader or leaders in the article.
  • How can you apply information in this article to your field?
  • How did this article fit your ethical view?
  • Your response must be a minimum of two full double

Referenced sources must have accompanying citations, complying with APA guidelines. You must have at least two references.


Unit II Essay 2 pages

Establishing a culture of sound business ethics within an organization is challenging, to say the least. Companies that market products which are not considered to be “healthy” for consumers have additional challenges. Research a company that markets “unhealthy” products. Examples might include tobacco or alcohol companies, but these examples are not exclusive. Respond to the following questions.

  1. Briefly describe the company and its product and the ethical dilemma associated with the production and distribution of its products.
  2. Examine how the perception of the product differs within cultures—both within the United States and globally.
  3. How has this company handled the ethical implications of its product with a focus on social responsibility, integrity, and business ethics?
  4. Explain how leadership within the organization can instill a culture of ethics within the marketing department as they strive to advertise a product that is not healthy for the customer


Unit III Case Study 2 pages

For this assignment, review the Nike case study, which can be viewed by accessing the following link:

Once you have viewed the case scenario, respond to the following questions, with thorough explanations and well-supported rationale:

  1. These workers state the “only thing they have is their work.” This statement suggests that, without this work, they would have a lower standard of living. Should we inflict western values on this society? Bring in the concepts of social responsibility, integrity, and other business ethics practices.
  2. From Nike’s standpoint, is this a fair assessment of their ethical standards? Explain some of the ethical issues that Nike is facing in the case.
  3. Research what Nike has done to improve this situation since this 2011 video. Include the use of codes of ethics and other ethical standards implemented within the organization.
  4. Is your opinion of Nike any different now after viewing this video? Would this change your buying behavior with respect to Nike products?


Unit IV Essay 2 pages

Ethics in business relationships include both the external and internal relationships that develop around the organization. For this assignment, we will focus on the internal relationships that develop inside the organization. Studies have indicated the more positive the environment within the organization, the more productive the employees. Research one or a combination of these job-related topics found within organizations: job discrimination, reverse discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, and/or unsafe working conditions. Your essay should address the following:

  1. Briefly describe the issue.
  2. Explain the significance of any ethics-based decision your research finds and the affect it had or has on overall morale, relationships within the organization, and ultimately overall productivity levels.
  3. Research a minimum of one company involved in this type of issue.
  4. What best practices might a company implement to avoid negative behavior within their organization?

Your response must include an introduction, thesis statement, and a clear discussion of the questions/topics above. It must be a minimum of two double-spaced pages. You are required to use at least two credible references. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations and be cited per APA guidelines

Unit V Reflection Paper 2 pages

Select a significant tragic event (either domestic or global) that has occurred over the last 50 years. The interactive presentation in this unit provides some ideas of historical tragic events, but understand that these are just ideas. After describing the event and the post-tragedy events, discuss the ethical aspects revolving around this incident. This discussion may require some additional research to understand the ethical situations and the impact the event(s) had on affected people and their ability to move on with their lives.

  1. Describe the actions of people and organizational leaders directly and indirectly involved with the tragedy. Specifically, address the ethical issues they faced.
  2. What were some of the actions of local, state, and federal personnel with respect to dealing with this tragedy?
  3. Explain the strategies of organizations that attempted to assist with the clean-up after the tragic event. Describe several of the pressures that influenced their strategies. Distinguish between social responsibility, integrity, and simple business ethics.
  4. How has this event affected the ethical culture here in the United States? What other effect has it had on society as a whole?
  5. What other lessons might we learn from this event in the future?

Your response must be a minimum of two double-spaced pages. You are required to use at least one scholarly source in your response. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying in-text citations, and be cited per APA guidelines

Unit VI Case Study 3 pages

For this assignment, read the case study, “The 1920 Farrow’s Bank Failure: A Case of Managerial Hubris.”

Hollow, M. (2014). The 1920 Farrow’s bank failure: A case of managerial hubris? Journal of Management History, 20(2), 164-178.

Regulators evaluated Thomas Farrow as being inflicted by managerial hubris at the time of the bank’s collapse in 1920. With this scenario in mind, address the following questions, with thorough explanations and well-supported rationale.

  1. How did corporate culture, leadership, power, and motivation affect Thomas’ level of managerial hubris?
  2. Relate managerial hubris to ethical decision making and the overall impact on the business environment.
  3. Explain the pressures associated with ethical decision making at Farrow’s Bank.
  4. Do you think that if Farrow’s Bank had a truly ethical business culture, the level of managerial hubris would have been decreased? Could this have affected the final outcome of Farrow’s Bank? Explain your position.

Your response must be a minimum of three double-spaced pages. You are required to use at least one scholarly source in your response. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying in-text citations, and be cited per APA guidelines.

Unit VII Course Project 3 pages

Code of Ethics

Begin by preparing a code of ethics for a fictional company, which should include a minimum of 10 elements. Once you have compiled the code of ethics, respond to the following questions:

  1. Why did you include each of the 10 elements?
  2. Why is a code of ethics an important part of every business from an employer standpoint?
  3. Why is a code of ethics an important part of every business from an employee standpoint?
  4. Once you have written the code of ethics, how would you implement it to ensure compliance?

Your completed assignment must be a minimum of three double-spaced pages (one page for the code of ethics and two pages for question responses). Please use a minimum of two credible sources.

Unit VIII PowerPoint Presentation 12-14 slides


For this assignment, you will take on the role of a vice president of a major organization. The CEO has assigned you the responsibility of educating the leaders within the organization of the importance of maintaining an ethical culture. The tone of the presentation should be of a persuasive nature, as you will also be asking these leaders to take this initiative to each of their areas. As you compile this presentation, include the following:

  1. Explain exactly what it means to maintain an ethical culture within the organization.
  2. Analyze the role that culture plays in global business ethics.
  3. Describe the importance and rationale for maintaining an ethical culture within the entire organization. Think about methods that you can use to motivate employees and employers toward ethical business practices.
  4. Recommend ethics guidelines they can use within each of their areas.

Your PowerPoint presentation must be 12-14 slides, not including the title slide and reference slide. All sources used must be referenced and cited. Directly quoted material must have accompanying citations and be cited per APA guidelines. This assignment requires the use of speaker notes. In the speaker notes, you will provide what you would say if you had to give the presentation to an audience; this information will be typed in the “Notes” section beneath each slide. Please write your notes in complete sentences, and adhere to typical grammar and/or punctuation rules.

MHR 6751 Labor Relations

Unit I Essay 2 pages

Discuss some employer tactics used to prevent or minimize union membership growth prior to the passage of the National Labor Relations Act in 1935. Which, if any, of these tactics would be lawful today? Why, or why not? Examine the challenges for unions and employers in the modern workplace.

This assignment needs to be two pages in length

Unit II Homework Assignment

Part One

Create a chart to compare and contrast the major legislative influences on the labor relations process. Your chart must contain at least five major legislative acts and how they affect management and unions. Columns should include the law, coverage, major provisions, and federal agencies.

Part Two

Find a recent Supreme Court or U.S. Court of Appeals decision concerning a labor law issue. Summarize the case. Findlaw Legal Information Center is a good commercial site for researching case law

  • What legal principles does the court rely upon in determining the case decision?
  • Be sure to support your response with specific examples.
  • Use one scholarly resource.


This homework assignment should be a minimum of two pages in length


Unit II Essay

Outline the difference in responsibilities of a local union representative, a shop steward, and an international or national union representative.

  • How do their roles differ in the labor relations process?

This essay needs to be one page in length


Unit III Powerpoint 8 to 10 slides PPT

Create an 8-to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation outlining the advantages and disadvantages of union representation and how this increases or decreases employee motivation or morale.

  • Within your PowerPoint presentation, address how collective bargaining plays a role with employees.

Please use the “Notes” feature in PowerPoint to add comments and notes

Unit IV Homework Assignment 2 pages

Read Case Study 6-2,“Classification of a Bargaining Subject,”on page 285 in your textbook, and answer the questions provided.


  1. What is a mandatory subject of bargaining?
  2. Can a union waive its right to bargain over a mandatory subject of bargaining?
  3. Would the established labor agreement apply to this case study?
  4. Was management’s refusal to bargain over the subject of surveillance camera usage in the workplace a violation of the duty to bargain in good faith under the Labor Management Relations Act (LMRA) as amended? If so, what should be the appropriate remedy?
  5. Discuss the merits of the parties’ respective positions in this case


Unit V Homework Assignment 2 pages

Which party (union or management) would likely be in a stronger position to bargain for its preferred wage outcome under the following conditions, and why?

  • high profits, an expanding market share, a healthy economy, and the cost of living rising less than two percent per year
  • low profits, stagnant sales growth, uncertain economic conditions, and a projected four percent annual rise in cost of living


Unit VI Essay 2 pages

Read Case Study 10-2, “Must a Union Process a Grievance of a Nonunion Employee?” on page 463 of your textbook. Then, answer the questions provided.

  1. What are nonunion employee rights under the LMRA?
  2. What is meant by the union’s duty of fair representation?
  3. When has the union met its obligation of fair representation?
  4. Has the union in this case met its fair representation obligation? Explain.

Unit VII Essay

In an essay, answer the following questions about the concepts tied to this unit. Your response needs to be at least one page in length.

  • To what extent is employment-at-will an issue in discipline cases in nonunion companies?
  • To what extent is it an issue in unionized companies?
  • Based on your research, what advice do you have for managers?
  • What advice do you have for lawmakers (i.e., to what extent should employment-at-will be relevant for employee discipline)?

Unit VIII Homework Assignment 1 pages

Prepare an essay response at least one page in length that answers the following questions:

  • What is the European Union’s Social Charter?
  • Why is it important for U.S. firms dealing with European unions to be aware of this

Unit VIII Essay 2 pages

Prepare an essay response of at least one page in length that addresses the following items:

  • What factors distinguish the labor relations system in the public sector from that in the private sector?
  • Propose a public-sector labor relations system for the employees of the city government.
  • What would it borrow from the private sector?
  • What would it not be able to borrow? Why?
  • How would you modify your system to account for specific aspects of city government? Why?


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