Find and read the article below in the from library portal via course-net.

Assignment: For this case study find and read the article below in the from library portal via base  concerning transportation management systems.  These software packages are starting to be used in logistics channels and their potential is just beginning to be explored.  After you have read the article below answer the following question. Â

How will TMSs improve the efficiency of logistics? Â

Assignment Expectations: I want you to put your thinking caps on and have some fun with this assignment. Be creative. Use the same format as your module one paper, again with at least 3 different sources of information. The paper should be 3-4 pages.


Field, A. M., (2006). One platform, many uses.  Journal of Commerce, New York August 21.Â


The Gartner study rated i2 Technologies and Oracle as the top- rated vendors of the new TMS products. Oracle Transportation Management was originally developed by G-Log before it was acquired by Oracle last year. Major shippers and third-party logistics providers deploying Oracle’s TMS include DuPont, Exel and Halliburton. [Jeff Woods] said that despite i2’s recent financial problems, it is "an important player in the market, and in many cases, they have the most sophisticated product."Â

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