Find a current events (news/newspaper) article from a well-known, reputable online news source about a fraud that occurred.

(1) Find a current events (news/newspaper) article from a well-known, reputable online news source about a fraud that occurred. Do not use blogs entries, journal articles, etc.


(2) The article MUST relate to content from our textbook


(3) The article should not be more than 6 months old (if at all possible)


(4) No duplicates – do NOT post an article already posted by another student


(5) When posting your article place YOUR first and last name and the article number in the subject line (NOT a description of your article).


For example, when John Smith posts his first article, the subject would be: John Smith Article #1. When John Smith posts his second article, the subject would be John Smith Article #2.


Do NOT change the subject line of any of the posts in the articles discussions when responding to another student.


(6) Your article post will have TWO attachments: (1) a copy of your article (copy and paste your article into a Word Document or you can attach a pdf copy of the article) and (2) your analysis (in a Word Document).


If you’d like to, you can include your summary and a link to your article in the body of your post.


(7) Your analysis will begin with a COVER PAGE. The second page will have a brief SUMMARY of the article. This summary MUST be in YOUR OWN WORDS and not simply copied from the article (you will lose points if it is not). This summary does NOT count in your page length.


(8) Here is the most important and heavily assessed portion of this assignment: After the summary, you will provide your ANALYSIS (beginning on page 3 of your Word Document).


Explain how and/or why your article relates to and/or illustrates concepts from our text. Tie your article in to AS MANY CONCEPTS FROM THE TEXT AS POSSIBLE. Use in-text citations WITH page numbers in your analysis (for example: Albrecht p. 54) and place direct quotes in quotation marks.


This analysis will be very detailed and will be a MINIMUM of 3 full pages long and should not be longer than 4 pages. While there is not a penalty for going over the 4 page maximum, please stay as close to the 3 page minimum as possible. Your analysis is the main portion of your grade. (Remember, your summary will not count toward your page length).


Do NOT include any headings or sections in your Word Document other than “Summary” at the top of page 2 and “Analysis” at the top of page 3. For example, the analysis will not contain an introduction or a conclusion.


Your analysis will NOT contain any tables, figures or bullet point lists. It will be all text in an essay format.


(9) REQUIRED FORMAT for the analysis: Arial 12 point font, double spacing and normal (1 inch) margins. Indent the first line of each new paragraph.

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