Financial Accouting – Case Analysis #3 – Preparing Memo



  • to develop an ability to identify and assume an assigned role;
  • to be able to identify and rank the importance of explicit issues;
  • illustrate the importance of hidden (undirected) issues that arise from a detailed analysis;
  • to identify accounting issues (GAAP/IFRS compliance issues), assess their implications, generate alternatives, and provide recommendations within the bounds of GAAP/IFRS to meet the client’s needs;
  • to examine how accounting standards impact financial measures (ratios, covenants, etc); and
  • to prepare a coherent report and integrated analysis that meets specific user needs.




In order to complete your case analysis successfully, items you should consider are as follows:


  • identify the role you are playing;
  • assess the financial reporting landscape, considering the user needs, constraints, and business environment;
  • identify the issues;
  • analyze the issues (qualitatively and quantitatively); and
  • provide a recommendation for each issue identified in the case.


An average grade will come from you answering all questions with basic coverage and accuracy, showing all your work. Additional points come from including greater detail, astute, informed commentary where appropriate and connections to readings and other content.


Respond in a single Word doc (or comparable text editor).


Algonquin Outfitters




You are an Analyst for the professional service firm, BUSI 1043 LLP. Your firm specializes in providing a wide variety of internal business solutions for different clients. Since you enjoyed your time in Muskoka compiling the Financial Statements for Henrietta’s Pine Bakery, the Senior Manager from your previous engagement gave you another northern Ontario client, Algonquin Outfitters.


Additional Information


Since 1961, Algonquin Outfitters (AO) has been providing outdoor fun and gear for everyone from families to back-country adventurers. The family of stores in Algonquin Park and Muskoka has a range of equipment including outerwear and casual wear; mountain and road bikes; canoes, kayaks, wakeboards and waterskis, as well as winter sports equipment like snowboards, alpine and nordic skis, and snowshoes. More than just canoe trips, day hiking trips and a gear outfitting rentals they have grown in the 50 + years to be Muskoka’s destination for great outdoor gear, ski and snowboard service shop, bike shop and all your other Algonquin & Muskoka adventure service and rental needs.


Algonquin Outfitters follows the Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises. Despite its revenues, AO operates with few administrative staff, currently employing 12 individuals in addition to the owner, who is there every day.


The owner is considering expanding his operations into the Haliburton Highlands. In order to do so he will have to look into financing options. He is contemplating two debt options: traditional bank financing, or bonds. He is also considering selling some of his common shares to five of his friends and relatives. He is unsure of how these options would impact him and the current organization of his company.


In December of this year, one of AO’s trucks carrying bike and ski lubrication was in an accident. The substance spilled into a local river, contaminating the water supply. AO’s layers have stated that the local residents have filed a lawsuit for $2 million. They expect that AO will be found guilty but the settlement will be between $1.0 million and $1.8 million. AO has let its insurance policy expire and therefore does not have any coverage.


On December 31, four of AO’s trucks were loaded with customer freight and sitting at AO’s loading docks. The goods were delivered to the customers on January 5th and 6th respectively. The revenue of $80,000 was recorded in the books on December 31st.


The owner knows about the importance of internal controls but believes he needs a refresher. He had an individual from purchasing leave earlier this year and is now using the accounts payable person who also prepares the cheques to take care of all purchases. He is beginning to think that this is a good idea as it would save one salary. On the other hand, he does want to maintain controls and is interested in eliminating all potential problems. He would like your recommendations about how he should deal with this.


AO purchased equipment on January 1 five years ago for $80,000 and estimated an $8,000 salvage value at the end of the equipment’s 10-year useful life. On March 31st of this year, the equipment was sold for $21,000. The last entry to record depreciation was at December 21st of the prior year. No entries for the sale have been made yet.


The year end for AO is December 31st. It is now April 20th and you have been asked to provide a memo to your Senior Manager that can be used as the basis for discussion with the owner that addresses the issues that concern you and the owner. You must address all of the issues in depth and provide recommendations on how to account for them.




Prepare the memo

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