Female cross behaviors

The text material for this essay is from this book: gender speak personal effectiveness in gender communication 5th
edition by ivy, Diana (2012)

Instructions: Write a persuasive essay that answers the following questions. When you make claims about influences, style, effectiveness, etc. you must provide evidence that supports or proves your claims. This evidence will take the form of examples from your communication episodes or attitudes and beliefs. Additionally, you must include at least 3 textual or lecture references to qualify your paper for a "C", 4 for a "B", and 5 for an "A". This means that you can directly quote or paraphrase definition of terms or explanations, followed by citations (Ivy, pg. 34) or (Nichols, 1/23/12). Such references serve to clarify for the reader what you are discussing and add credibility to your discussion. The easiest way to write your paper is as if the instructor does not know anything about gendered communication; therefore, you as the writer are introducing concepts, explaining those concepts, and providing personal evidence or textual evidence to support your claims about how you are related to these concepts.

1. Identify your communication style as masculine, feminine or androgynous. Provide a Likert Scale indicating where you fall out on the gendered continuum. (Masculine 1 2 3 4 5 Feminine)

2. How might cultural norms have influenced your gender identity?

3. Using the list on pages 32-33, evaluate your communication effectiveness. Provide a Likert Scale indicating this effectiveness. (Least Effective 1 2 3 4 5 Most Effective)

4. In light of your previous answers, how do you believe others view your communication effectiveness? Provide a Likert Scale indicating this view of effectiveness. (Least Effective 1 2 3 4 5 Most Effective)

5. Which value(s) listed on pages 34-35 are most reflective of what you value in communicating with others? Would you add another value not listed?

6. Briefly describe a communication episode with another person in which you were unclear about what that person was speaking about or why they were communicating in the manner they were. Create a complete perception check that you could have used.

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