Export the Gantlet chart into PDF file called, tournament_Gantlet_CS405.

  1. View this week’s video lecture about Microsoft Project:
  2. Use Project to create a Gantlet chart for a project called “<your last name>_CS405.”
  3. Add the following tasks and their duration, start and end dates. The project should complete within three (3) months of the start date.
    1. Tasks:
      1. Planning
      2. Requirements analysis
      3. Design
      4. Coding and unit testing
      5. Integration
      6. Integration testing
      7. User Training
      8. User acceptance testing
      9. Deployment
      10. Maintenance.
    2. Each task completes sequentially before the following task begins.
  4. Add the appropriate resources to your project and assign a resource to each task.
  5. View your Gantlet chart
  6. Export the Gantlet chart into PDF file called, tournament_Gantlet_CS405
  7. View your PERT chart
  8. Export the PERT chart into a PDF format and save as a file called, tournament_PERT_CS405
  9. Submit both PDF files.
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