Explain the FAIR approach to evaluating ethical business communications

1.Discuss the Formula for Credibility and write about the key aspects of Competence, Caring, and Character


2.Explain the FAIR approach to evaluating ethical business communications


3.Why is emotional intelligence so important in logical business tasks?

What are the four domains of emotional intelligence?

Describe three related communication competencies for each domain.


4.Think about a recent movie or TV episode you watched. Select a scene that involves interesting nonverbal communication – ideally, one that might occur in the workplace.

Based on this scene, do the following;

A. Summarize the scene in approximately one paragraph.

B. Analyze the nonverbal communication. Explain how various body parts sent signals, including the eyes, mouth, shoulders, arms, and hands

C. Describe how you can mimic or avoid three aspects of this nonverbal behavior in the workplace and why you would do so.

Please use this as a reference.

Cardon, P. (2013). Business communication: Developing leaders for a networked world. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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