Explain the dynamics of the classic Olympic System presented in Chaplet book and discuss the impact of the Extended Olympic System on the creation of the current Regulated Olympic System.


BUAD 620 Midterm Exam

Winter 2016


All Students must complete four of the seven questions.  Each question is worth 25 points;  three and no more than four typed pages for each question;  1 ½ inch spacing, 11 pt font Times Roman;  1’’ margins.  (Please note a page is a full page of information. One sentence on a third page does not make it three pages) Please do not define, assume I know the definitions, focus on taking positions and using the theory and concepts presented in class in defending your position.


  1. Explain the dynamics of the classic Olympic System presented in Chaplet book and discuss the impact of the Extended Olympic System on the creation of the current Regulated Olympic System.


  1. Provide examples of where the IOC practices each of its governing principles as presented in the PP slides and provide two examples where it can be argued that IOC actions contradict them.
  2. From reading the Foer Book please compare and contrast the impact globalization has had on the English soccer culture and the Brazilian soccer culture. Take a position on whether the forces of Globalization have been positive or negative on these countries and specifically the soccer culture/environment/industry in those countries.
  3. Using Hofstede cultural variables as a theoretical basis, as well as the three competing theories on leading in a different culture that were presented in the Culture and Globalization power point presentation tell me the approach you would take if you as an American was hired to run/lead a sport organization as either a coach of its professional soccer club or director of business operations for that club in a country that differs from the US in the majority of the Hofstede variables. Basically communicate the difference and tell me how you will deal with the difference or the similarities.
  4. You are the general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers and your top scout recommends to you that the best player available to draft is from a foreign country (you choose but a country vastly different than the US, (eg. Developing, Muslim, low population and GDP and Hofstede variables).Please tell me the process you would take to try to ensure the success of this athlete with your team.  Be sure to include information related to the sport migrant experience and an understanding of the type of migrant athletes.
  5. You are in a position within either an International Federation (e.g. FIBA, FIFA, etc) or a national Olympic Committee (e.g. USOC, your country)Based on your belief on what the true purpose or meaning of the Olympic games and the Olympic movement are,  and the purpose and the charge of the commission, tell me on which three IOC Commissions  you would like to serve and why and which one commission upon which you would not like to serve.
  6. Using the Global Sport Figuration as your theoretical base explain the evolution of the NBA into its current state as a Multinational Sport Enterprise as presented in the Burton, Robinson and Turam article that was shared with you for the firs class and whether or not it has been a good or negative evolution.



Grading Rubric

Each response will be evaluated based upon the following rubric and criteria.

Ability to answer the question that was asked.  5

Use and understanding of appropriate Course Material, theory concepts and references to support and strengthen position or response.  Use and cite sources. 5

Depth of the response/strength of argument for position taken.  5

Written communication and organization of response.  5

Overall quality of the response based on ability to demonstrate and appreciation for materials and concepts presented in first half of the semester.  5


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