Explain the benefits of implementing the proposal • Include concrete and specific information (show, don’t just tell) • Include at least one visual. The visual must be introduced and explained before it

Proposal Assignment

First Draft due:

Final Draft due:

A proposal offers to do something or recommends that something be done. You will

pretend you .are giving the proposal to your boss or another decision-maker. Your

document should do everything to persuade the reader to say “yes.”

You will be required to present your idea to the class (5 minutes or less).

The following are required for the written proposal:

• Memo format

• Three full pages (refer to the memo guidelines given to you with your first memo

assignment for the second and third+ page heading)

• At least one visual (graph, table, photo, drawing, chart). If the visual is less than a

third of a page, incorporate it within the three pages; if the visual is larger, place it

on a separate page at the end of the document with a reference to that particular

page in a parenthetical citation (See page _.). A smaller visual placed within the

document is part of the three-page minimum. A large visual placed on a separate

page at the end of the document does not count toward the three-page minimum.

• Parallel headings to break up this lengthy document (what is each section about?)

• Times New Roman font, size 12.

You will be graded on how well you

• Design an accessible and appealing format

o Layout of words and graphics o Highlights and lists o Parallel headings that break up the text (basically short titles for each


• Focus on a problem • Explain the benefits of implementing the proposal • Include concrete and specific information (show, don’t just tell) • Include at least one visual. The visual must be introduced and explained before it

is presented. Explain what the reader is going to see/read in the visual. A visual should be an aid to the reader’s understanding of the material. It must not be used as a stand-alone item; it should support what you have stated. It must be labeled (beneath) with a clearly stated title.

• LJse a tone that connects with your readers • Write using correct grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation. • Present your idea to the class.

Consider projects at your individual places of work, past and/or present. Some possible

ideas: think of some change you would like to see in the workplace, such as a new piece

of equipment, a procedure or process change, modification of the work area (child care

center? work-out space? lounge area?). If you are in a service business, perhaps you can

propose a job for a client (landscaping, party planning, printing).

If you want to research something for your own information, try to place it within a

business context. Interested in buying a car? Pretend you’re proposing the purchase of a

company car and present three models for your boss to consider. Or a vacation you want

to research can become a proposal to attend a conference.

If you aren’t sure your topic is appropriate or if you need help, see me.

Things to think about:

• What are you proposing, and where is the information you need to convince your

reader to adopt your proposal? Internet? Personal contact? Phone call?

• What problem will you solve? (internal proposal within a company) OR

~ What service will you provide? (external proposal to an outside client)

• How will your plan be implemented? What will you do? ~Is there additional

staff/equipment needed? • How long will it take to accomplish? What is the schedule to complete the

proposed project? • How much will it cost? What is the breakdown of costs? What is the total?

• How will the other party benefit if it accepts your plan?

Note: Not bringing in a first draft on the day that it is due will lower your grade on

this assignment by a full letter. And not having your proposal peer edited will lower

your grade on this assignment by a full letter.

DATE: October 31, 2017

TO: Martha Shelton, Kitchen Manager

FROM: Cari Rummel, Waitress G~

SUBJECT: Soda Machine Proposal

Currently, when customers order a soda, waitresses must walk to one of three bars in

order to fill that order while all other non-alcoholic beverage orders can be filled from the

kitchen. This means that when some people in a party order drinks that can be filled from

the kitchen (coffee, tea, milk, and juice) and other people in the party order soda, the

waitress must walk to two different places to fulfill this order. I would like to propose

that Zelmder’s, Inc., install soda machines in all kitchens at the restaurant.


Over the past few years, soda orders have increased by over 100 percent, which means

that waitresses are traveling to the bars to fill these orders twice as often today as they did

three years ago. In 2014, approximately 150,000 sodas were served, but in 2016, over

300,000 sodas were served. See graph below.









■ 2015

❑ 2016

It takes 30 seconds to walk from the Main Dining Room to the. kitchen for non-soda

drinks, and it takes an additiona140 seconds to walk from the kitchen to the bar to fill

soda orders. Froin the bar back to the Main Dining Room, it is another 30 seconds. I

serve approximately 20 parties per day, and two-thirds of them (13) order sodas. With refills, I walk to the bar 15 to 20 times every day, using up 10 to 15 minutes.

Sodas Served in Thousands

Martha Shelton October 31, 2017 Page 2

Benefits Installing soda machines will have three benefits:

• Waitresses will be able to do their job with fewer steps. As you know, one of the

biggest hazards waitresses face is sore feet from walking all day. If fewer steps

are taken, our feet will be less sore.

• Bartenders will not have to waste time filling soda orders. Bartenders have much

work to do just filling beer, wine, and liquor orders from waitresses and waiting

on customers at the bar. They do not need waitresses taking up their time with

soda orders.

Customers will be served more quickly. This will make customers happy, and

tips will increase. But also, more customers can be served, increasing profits for

the restaurant.

~S ~ace It would make the most sense to install the soda machines near the other existing

beverage areas in the kitchens. In the main kitchen, there is room for one machine

between the coffee urns and the milk dispenser. Coffee cups and saucers are currently

stacked in that space, but the cups and saucers can be stacked on the shelves underneath

the.counter along with glasses for the soda. See Diagram 1 below.

A second machine can be installed in the main kitchen near the door to the Heritage

Dining Room next to the coffee pot warmers, and a third machine can be installed in the

lower-level kitchen to the left of the coffee urns. There is plenty of space for soda glasses

on the shelves underneath the counter. See Diagram 2 below.

h~’,~’ ~ -~{ ee C ~ ~r 5 ~fOpAs-~f

1~~SP~”~` ~,opaSccl ° U,~nS

S~~r ~~5~fc ~S~r ~ J ,J ✓ada ~J a $off


_,……_…,,.,~ n1a c i••: n c

.~.- Sh~.?rrs ,~:~,^ C.•~n•1G~t~c,~~c~, _.~

j ShNlv~s ~~r~ ~l.~S~,a=’..

Diagram 1 Diagram 2

Main Kitchen Beverage Area Lower-Level Kitchen Beverage Area

Martha Shelton October 31, 2017 Page 3

Cost Unfortunately, we cannot simply move the soda machines out of the bars and put them in

the kitchens because bartenders need soda to make many alcoholic drinks. This means

that we will have to purchase at least two additional soda machines for the two kitchens.

Because the main kitchen is so large, however, I would recommend purchasing two soda

machines to be installed there and one machine for the lower-level kitchen.

There are three styles of soda fountains: a five-spout machine, asix-spout machine, and

a seven-spout machine. All of them come with an ice maker/dispenser and a water

dispenser. The most popular soda orders are Coke, Diet Coke, Rootbeer, Sprite, and

Mountain Dew, so I think that the five-spout machine would be the best choice.

A soda machine with five spouts will cost $2,395, and the installation and hook-up of

lines will be an additional $150 per machine. Initial purchase of syrup/flavoring will be

$139 per machine. This adds up to $8,052 for all three machines. If we order just two

machines, the cost will be $5,368.

Timeline Wernette and Sons Soda Company, a reputable soda supplier out of Bay City, has these

machines in stock. The company’s installers can be here to install the machines at the

beginning of December if we let them know by the end of next week. Installation will

take just one day, and there will be minimal disruption in the kitchen area.

The day after installation, Wernette and Sons technicians will come to the restaurant to

test the lines and show us how to add the syrup and flavorings, after which time the

machines will be ready to use. If we make the decision to go ahead with this proposal by

November 13, we could be filling soda orders from the kitchen by December 1.

I would estimate that waitresses could begin to see an increase in their tip income

immediately and that the restaurant will see an increase in customers served and in profits

within six months.

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