Explain in your words how the party stands on the issue.

CP Party Platform
30 pts.

The purpose of this assignment is to choose one political issue and review each of the political party platforms using the Elections Resources tab under lessons. You will need to review the platform for each of the state political party platforms

1) You must start your paper by explaining to the reader the purpose of your paper. You can start with a statement similar to the one that follows:

The purpose of the political party platform is to explain the position the party takes on various issues. The position of the four major political parties, on the issue of _______ will be described below.

2) In a separate paragraph for each party, summarize the platform regarding the one issue you have selected. Do not copy and paste any information from the platform. No quotes are needed in this paper. The purpose is for you to review the issue and explain in your words how the party stands on the issue.

3) In the closing paragraph tell me what you learned from the research.

4) You do not have to do a works cited page since I am providing the resources for you to use. However, make sure you either state within the paragraph or cite within the paragraph as we to where the information was found, such as identifying sections and/or page numbers

5) The paper must be a minimum of 600 words.

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