Explain in paragraph form what you did step by step.

here is exactly what my professor need in the lab report

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Here’s all the information I pretty much spoke about yesterday with a bit more detail.

So as everyone knows you should have a Title page on your lab report.

Introduction: I want you all to go over what Fermentation is (since everyone did the alcoholic fermentation lab). Make sure to explain what fermentation is, that’s it’s aerobic (explain what aerobic is) and what the two processes are (lactic and alcoholic). Make sure to talk more about alcoholic fermentation in general because it’s what you did your experiment on. Talk about what happens during the process of alcoholic fermentation and what is converted (i.e. explain that glucose is converted to things such as acids and gases, primarily carbon dioxide since that’s what we’re using to measure). Then I would like you to talk about the different variable that could affect the rate of alcoholic fermentation and add some detail about the variable you studied (temperature, spice, etc.) This is a good place in the report to bring in some outside sources and cite their data and research to help support your hypothesis/explain why you’re looking at this variable. Finally state your hypothesis.

Materials and Methods: Explain in paragraph form what you did step by step. Like the rest of report, this section must be in past tense. Don’t forget to state the measurements you took and the tools you used.

Results: should be a table with the title and “Table 1:…) The table should include the tube number, the variable changed (different temperature, different spice, etc.) and then the rate which was what you recorded. If there was no change just write 0.

Discussion: Describe and explain your results. Make sure to refer to your table and state the numbers when referring to data. When explaining your results, use the background data (could be studies you cited in your introduction or new studies) to help explain your results, or if you recorded a 0 and no change, explain what you should have seen in your results. What the results would have meant in terms of theories. Then I want you to talk about if the results supported your hypothesis or not and what may have gone wrong to skew the results if you saw no change in your data.

References page: should have at least 3 references cited

Remember to proof read your report and also double space it. The whole thing should be in past tense and each section should be titled. Also do not use direct quotes. Instead paraphrase and write the information in your own words while also citing where you got the information from.

If you have any questions let me know. Reports should be e-mailed to me by midnight next Wed and they should be uploaded to safe assign by midnight. If you have any trouble let me know! }}}}}

what you should know after we did the experiment we did not get the results we are looking for it did not work so in the result you could talk about why it doesn’t work for example you could say we may not follow the procedure right I will post the pages of this experiment from the lab manual and the data we did in the experiment my group did exercise 1 and 2 in the result section you can organize the table same as the one in page 113 and put the data we found in the experiment all of these I will upload it with the order

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