Explain how your chosen critical incident relates to one or more cultural orientation(s) and theme(s

Business Report

Take the 3 critical incidents below and analyze them. Your analysis should contain at least three scholarly references each that pertain directly to the incident (total 9). Your analysis should be completed as formal written report in APA format. You can take the format of an executive briefing or a training session. The analysis should be complete and supported by literature, not an opinion piece.

After you select three critical incidents, choose from the following cultural orientations and themes as they relate to your critical incidents Explain how your chosen critical incident relates to one or more cultural orientation(s) and theme(s) in your report:


Each incident should be 1 ½ – 2 pages each


Critical Incident #1– George really infuriated me because when it was time to hand in his assignment, he gave me a whole bunch of lame excuses. It really upset me because I felt that he was not taking his work seriously and did not pay attention to the deadlines. I explained the assignment very carefully and put the deadlines up on the board—so when he made up excuses to cover himself, he really made me mad. I felt bad, though, because there was another student who didn’t have his assignment done either, but he apologized and said he’d hand it in later that day. He never did hand it in on that day; he handed it in a few days later, but since he had apologized, somehow I accepted that and was nice to him.

Cultural Orientations/ Themes-        Learning style     teacher/student

Critical Incident #2 -A young woman had recently arrived in Canada ready to start a new life. She found the weather a little cold but still enjoyed wearing the same style she wore at home—tight skirts and tight tops that had low neck- lines. After about a month, she began to notice people staring at her. She thought they were looking at her because she was a foreigner. Then one day some- one told her that only prostitutes dressed that way. She felt angry and insulted.

Cultural Orientations/ Themes –      Customs                       Gender roles

Critical Incident #3 -A man was walking past a cemetery when he noticed something very odd. To make sure he wasn’t mistaken, he went in to take a closer look. He was very surprised to see two names on the tombstone he was looking at. One was the name of someone who had already died, and next to it was the name of someone who was still living. The tombstone had a birth date but no death date on it. He just couldn’t believe it!

Cultural Orientations/ Themes –           Death dying       Relationship building



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