Explain each point on the agenda.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation or applicable media on the topic of your choice. Use the following criteria, as outlined in your textbook: 1. Closing and agenda slides: The closing and agenda slides are designed to make stand-alone sense and are highly visible. 2. Back-up slides: The back-up slides explain each point on the agenda. 3. Connector slides: The connector slides maintain consistency throughout the presentation (with phrasing and formatting, repeating the agenda, and by using trackers). 4. Use color: The color used in the slides creates the best visibility. The student’s chosen palette reinforces the presentation’s structure and emphasizes key ideas. 5. Font selection: The font selection (includes font type, size, case, and style) used in the slides result in a design cascade. 6. Use animation: The animation used in the presentation builds the student’s ideas. 7. Message titles: The message titles used in the slides represent the takeaway ideas from each slide. 8. Slides: Slides representing relationships (“how” or “why”) and data are designed to be effective and include only relevant data. 9. Handout: The handout is designed to be used for note-taking during the presentation, includes explanations about complex information included in the presentation, and includes a summary of the main points presented in the presentation. 10. Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation should be used throughout the presentation.

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