Examine whether there is significant growth in GDP in UAE.

Project name : GDP in the UAE
Inflation in the UAE from 1995-2011
The tests you want to do like examine whether there is significant growth in GDP in UAE.
Choose a sample and describe it.
Data was collected to end of the purpose data was obtained from the sample consists of GDP for years from 1995 till 2011 I possible.
The do a small table describe the list of ears and the percentage. Calculating the following:
The mean
The median.
Stander deviation.
Assume that X & Y are coming from normal distribution . and there are 2 independent same.
Note :USE the T distribution table for Different mean.
Note :if the sample is small you need to judge normality.
After doing that the write down that I will use simple hypotheses test to check if there is positive growth then state your steps clearly and draw conclusion.

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