Examine the Peer Review for this essay to see what to avoid and what to develop!

this essay will be about Of studies by francis Bacon
here is what i have so far, please include. it needs to be in the third person.

Francis Bacon discusses the benefits of studying. Its point is to convince us to study as well as to teach us on how to study to make it worthwhile of what we read. Studying is using the mind to learn and understand a subject, especially through reading. “Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man” Showing us how education is used and can be used in our lives as well as books, and we can learn from other peoples experiences, we always have something to learn. We learn something new everyday. There are some books are worthless and don’t teach you anything. “distilled books are like common distilled waters, flashy things” He says that you cant study to much or to little, but somewhere in-between. I can agree with that, since I don’t like studying that much anyway. I think that if you do study to much, you forget what you learned so you have to pace yourself. This essay was to the point and not very long and I had to read it somewhat slow to understand it. He did use many metaphors, which is cool because they are fun to figure out and use. One of them was actually somewhat funny, swallowing, tasted, and chewing a book. That is a weird picture. Im not going to lie, I picked this essay because his name has Bacon in it. Im not saying this is the first time I have heard of him. I did like this essay because education is important and if we did not have it; the world would be like that movie “Idiocracy”, everything would be dumbed down and life would be lame. I think there already are some things that are dumbed down for people who don’t take advantage of what learning has to offer.

here are the requirments

Reading Response Essay – 800-1000 words

developed from one of your journal entries, is going to give us your take on an essay, your reading so to speak, and a main opinion you have about it. Note that a tougher essay may actually be able to write about since you can work through explaining it.

I want you to try not writing this in the first person but in the third. Otherwise, the paper starts being about you instead of the writing. We will know that this is your opinion about the essay.

You need to use at least three quotations from the essay to support your points. All you need to do to cite them, for now, is put the page number in parentheses at the end of them, with the period of the sentence outside the parentheses, if you quote comes at the end of a sentence.

In addition, use at least three paraphrases, again with page numbers in parentheses. Paraphrases are often far more effective than quotations since you can boil down the writing to a particular point in your own words.

Do not use outside research, or at least keep it to a minimum. If you just must, you’re going to have to cite it, and you’ll have to cite it correctly. Stick to your text and to your reading of the piece.

You may be tempted to just summarize the essay. You should only do this in light of your particular focused opinion. It may be particularly helpful for you to examine the Peer Review for this essay to see what to avoid and what to develop!

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